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Changing Landscapes: In Memory of a City

I have often described myself as a Bangalorean at heart. Having been born and brought up in here, it has certainly become an integral part of my identity as has the fact that I am a kannadiga. Born in and spending nearly 11 years in the waft of pristine Malleshwaram air with green parks and beautiful spacious …

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Ghazals: My List of Favs – Part 1

When I first thought of writing something about my favorite ghazals from the movies, the question that struck me was whether I indeed knew what a Ghazal was! If you are like me (which I find highly unprobable! I am yet to meet a person with a brain the size of a de-hydrated pea!), you’d assume that …

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Movie Review: Memories in March

Indian Cinema is a field of parallels.  We have at one end of the spectrum mediocrity splattered on the screen by the brigade of KJo and the pelvic thrusting oh-am-so-cool-Khan, and at another end, stalwart performers and directors who believe that their audience have sufficient grey matters within the skulls intact. Their movies do not …

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