Professionally Yours

Toronto – the city buzzing with action and fervor is my new found home now. Here, I continue to advance in the domain of Biometrics with BioConnect – a company that is redefining biometric based software solutions for the North American market.

After completing my MBA at Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University in Montreal, I moved to Toronto in 2018. My time at McGill pursuing the full-time MBA with it’s pickle-packed class schedules and piling readings and assignments, nevertheless allowed me to explore the culture and spirit of that beautiful city. Montreal is the second city I fell in love with. (Ask me about the first one 😉 )

In my previous company Daon Inc., I was a Senior Product Consultant and bidding goodbye to them after a stint of nearly 5 years was quite painful! With Daon, I worked on Biometric identification and had an extensive exposure in the roles of a Business Development Manager and Test Manager in the areas of Test Automation. I have a fairly good hold on QTP, and Open source systems like JSystem Framework that is java based.

Of the 8 years and counting experience of my Corporate life, about 38 months of my initial “corporate” career was spent with Cognizant Technology Solutions. It was an association that taught me a lot – personally & professionally, till I finally parted ways in June 2010. During this period, I had to be constantly on the move,  what with being posted in Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore, Chennai again and then finally back to Bangalore. Been into Java development and then by twist of the so called “luck” or “fate”, moved into Test Automation, but my association with Java continues.

MindTree, my second company was a brief stint of 9 months but a welcome change. It was MindTree that took me to AADHAAR – the largest biometrics project in the world. In the April of 2010, I joined Daon and continued to be a part of their wonderful work. Daon gave me an opportunity to work in a field that I was able to relate to and also appreciate at a deeper level – Biometrics. There had been much freedom and responsibility vested in order for me to constantly learn and professionally contribute to amazing projects that I had been a part of. I worked on one of the most prestigious projects of Independent India – the Unique Identification Project (UID) or AADHAAR.  Following this I worked on a niche project by the US Government to create an Identity ecosystem that is resilient to Identity Thefts in the ever increasing world of Cyber space. We also created what is possibly one of the first successful Biometrics based Voter Registration application and many other cool stuffs! 😉 But more about all this some other time.

I am an IEEE Certified Biometrics Professional and Certified Practitioner of Agile Automation Testing (by the Agile Testing Alliance).  I also have obtained Sun Certification as Java Programmer and QTP Certification from HP.