My Publications

Well, as interesting and unbelievable as it may sound (especially for those who have actually taken time to read through whatever I have written on these pages!), some of my works, have been published (Yeah! Oh! the horror of it all!!) much to the dismay of all and sunder. For there is no other fuel that the fire of poetry and writing may need, as that of being seen in print!

Hence, to let go of an opportunity to gloat about it, would tantamount to blasphemy in literary parlance! And being a religious writer that I am, I cannot commit such crimes. So feel free to read my blahs-blahs in print! 🙂

Literary Publications

My works have been in both Kannada & English. My writing in english has been mainly through my blogs and a few scribbles here and there. A major breakthrough happened through the prestigious newspaper of India, The Hindu and I have been regularly contributing articles to their Friday Review section. You can visit the here to …

Technical Publications

Some of the technical papers worked on/published.

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