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As you like it....


Wish I had more than 24 hours in a day and more than 7 days in a week!! But then I’d probably only end up feeling more miserable!! Loving the new job, but damn hectic schedules. Been out of house every day for more than 12-13 hours since 3 weeks now, and even weekends are gone!  Been …

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zindagi kis kadar aasaan hoti rishte gar hote libaas – aur badal lete kameezon ki tarah! – Gulzar (How easy would’ve life been, if only relationships were like clothes! And we could change them like shirts!) Reading Gulzar is like walking into a tornado! It sweeps you with its words, tosses your heart around, devastating and bringing out …

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The Journalism of Sham(e): TV9

“Media is a word that has come to mean bad journalism” said Graham Greene. With due apologies to the noted author and a journalist himself, I would like to quote that TV-9 has come to mean bad journalism. It is irrefutable that television holds the center stage when it comes to the household media. Amongst …

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Krodha bhakshyas….

Krodha Bhakshya was a demigod who would feed on the anger of people and grow strong.  He is a legendary character who had almost succeeded in dethroning Lord Indra. Needless to say, we do have some Krodha Bhakshyas amongst us too! Well, for all that one may know, maybe the person who created this character, himself was a …

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Am Comin’ Up!

Woah! there! Howdy do?!! Working on setting up this space to be more liveable! 😉 So do check back in pardner! 🙂

And the secret is out….!!!

With much apprehension, hesitation, and circumspection, have I finally decided to show what I had been upto.. a prelude to which you guyz had already gotten in the post below this one! *cheeks turning RED* * heart beating faster n faster*….So guyz… what do u think? eh? *eyes winkin’*