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Because no one else listens to me!

You are Framed!!

One of the most horrible crimes we can commit in a relationship is to frame people! Limit their scope, actions and responses into a framework and expect the magnanimous human personality with its countless manifestations and attributes to fit into that framework. We did the same to God, we do the same to human beings …

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Confusious Thinks……

Lots of Ranting coming up!! So run for covers! ******************************************************* What is so hard about expectations?! What we have of others… or of what others have of us?! How do you truly know what you want?! I know people say all about feeling.. intuition.. gut feeling.. blah blah blah blah… but has anyone ever really …

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Nomadic Musings!!

And so, here I am back on the turf that I had long seized playing on. The grasses have grown tall, weeds in between too, and am not so sure, if I can wield the bat as well as I used to! Chandan, had written earlier in one of this blogs (studying the nature of …

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A passin’ thought….

Ghar se masjid hai bahut doorChalo yun kar leinKisi rote hue bachhe ko hansaaya jaaye.. Lines taken from Jagjit Singh’s album – INSIGHT (Song “Apna Gam”) Written by Nida Fazli.

Predilections and Dogma!

Q.)What is man to do if the predilection towards doing something is set against the dogma of being someone?! Ans)…………..

Self-affirmation and Responsibility!

Why is man in a constant need for self-affirmation? What makes him fear that his existence is lost amidst the myriad other personalities surrounding him everyday? It is this fear that makes him strive to establish his hold, not just on his relations, but also on the environment, society and eventually the entire creation. One …

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