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Two scoundrels of the same gang

The Dynamics of (Im)migration

Bodos Affected by Violence

Assam has been a state that has seldom made news on a National scale.  Personally speaking, Assam for me gave the picture of the Kaziranga, the Brahmaputra, Bhupen Hazarika and the tea estates. That’s as far as my knowledge took me, till in the past one week it has seemingly captured the attention of the entire …

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Changing Landscapes: In Memory of a City

I have often described myself as a Bangalorean at heart. Having been born and brought up in here, it has certainly become an integral part of my identity as has the fact that I am a kannadiga. Born in and spending nearly 11 years in the waft of pristine Malleshwaram air with green parks and beautiful spacious …

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The Eternal Eccentricity of Mamata’s Mind

Ms. Mamata Banerjee

January 7th, 1993 – there was a furore at the Writer’s Bloc in (the then) Calcutta. Dipali Basak, a deaf-dumb girl was allegedly raped by a CPI(M) leader.  Ms. Mamata Banerjee had brought the girl along with her and demanded a meeting with the then Chief Minister Jyoti Basu.  After making them wait for many …

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The Anatomy of Power….

2o12 has begun with a bang! It’s not even been 3 months into the new year, and we’ve seen a roller-coaster ride on the political landscape from the National level to my very own Karnataka! From the central budget in Delhi to the goondagiri of the lawyers in Bangalore… from the Didi’s dadagiri to Yeddy’s ‘bhai’giri …

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2011: Year of Overkill & Overacts!

Right ho! It’s that time of the year again! We’ll now be inundated from all sides with a review of the year 2011.  Right from newspapers to flashing-news-channels; from radios to blogs, Manorama Year books to tacky pamplets shall start circulating their assessment of what the year was about and what the new year shall …

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A Pain called Indian Passport Office!


Here’s a billion dollar question. Who is the jerk that came up with the design for the Indian Passport Website?, if anything is just another huge pain in the posterior.  It is ridiculous to think of the pain a legal citizen of this country has to go through to get a passport renewed. I …

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