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Something that I doodle with a pen....

Megha sandesha – A poem of a dream!

Ok… here is the poem that I finally managed to put together! I dunno how it has turned out to be! Will let you guyz decide for now.. coz there isn’t quite someone who I could dedicate this to now, except the dream of someone… (Man! am I romantic..or am I romantic :P).

Through a poet’s eye!

From a long time, there was this urge in me to write a poem, in Kannada, titled “megha sandesha” – a letter through the clouds! I tried many times to write this, which resulted in the premature end of many pages lives! They are all now cursing me in the trash can! Well.. tragic as …

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In Search Of Me!

Ravaging through the mind, a thousand galesAre today filling my heart with agonizing wailsIn a moment when everything seems so lost;I crave again for moments of the wondrous past Give me back myself, that which was once me!This present is so unlike all that I dream!Whenceforth did in the tides of time I loseThe meandering …

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