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Because.. nobody cares about what I say!! :P


Have you watched “Finding Neverland”? If you haven’t I do strongly suggest that you do. The story is all about how Barrie was inspired to write “Peter Pan“. The one aspect of the movie that is specifically intended to stand out is the power of imagination! “Believe in it strongly” – Barrie says, “and it …

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Vacana Saahitya mattu Shaastreeya sangeeta

monne aShTe, kannaDavE satya program nalli basavaNNa navara vacana kELde. amOghavaagi haaDidru! kELi tuMbaanE KuShi aaytu. vacana saahityavanna racane maaDiddu OdOke, artha maaDikoLLOkE, matte haaDOke sulabhavaagli annO uddESadiMda. heegirOvaaga vacanavanna heccAgi shaastreeya sangeetakke aLavaDisikoMDilla. heccAgi hiMdustaani saMgeeta idanna janapriya maaDiddu. adarallu mallikaarjuna mansur, gangu bai hanagal iMtha mahaneeyara saadhane iMdaagi vacana saahitya shaastreeya sangeetadallu kaaNisikoMDide.karnaaTaka …

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Language-A bridge across forever?!!

There is a never ending feud that is happening in the forum. The eternal battle between languages. Kannada is my mother tongue, and so is special to me. But does that warrant one to hate other languages. There are a lot of issues plaguing the state of Karnataka today. The issue of language is one …

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Idle musings – 2

So often, I think what would’ve happened if things were to be different than they are now! Especially when it comes to specifics and details, I always get this urge to see the things in a different angle than they are! What if I hadn’t come to America? What if I hadn’t joined What …

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We all have priorities in life. Things that we need to do most importantly of the several other deeds we spend our time upon. The question is, do we do that? I really wonder how many of us would give a sincere reply to that. If at all we do, I think a majority of …

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