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Because.. nobody cares about what I say!! :P

All (s)well that end (s)well !!!

Wow.. what a roller coaster ride the week has been!! The Ups and Downs, the Highs and Lows, the thunders and calm… yeah.. all that jazz!! What started off with a wonderful news of me being invited as the guest speaker for the Saahitya Ranga’s Saahitya Goshti at California, (not to mention that I have …

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Man-Internet Complex!

I think I was in 1st PUC when my brain conceived this weird idea of Man-Internet Complex. I do not claim it to be my own! I am sure there are many who would probably have developed this very idea or even thought of it. It seemed weird to me because, I felt the occurrance …

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To Do or Not To Do!

Girlssss!!! Even as I am writing this blog, my mind is in a h(m)aze! Why are they so enigmatic and mysterious?! I mean, I have spoken to so many of ’em, I still speak to so many of ’em… and yet am not able to decipher them! Jokes apart, can one really know when to …

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Analysis of Mahabharatha – part 2

It was really heartening to know the interest that Mahabharatha and its inherent meanings generated in many of my friends. So here comes the much awaited 2nd part of the same. In the last write-up, I had very briefly mentioned some points about various characters and some psychological insights into them. Today being Janmaashtami, I …

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Mahabharata: A mirror to the human psyche!

When I was probably in high school, I had dared to analyse Mahabharatha! I call it daring because, I believe that at that age, I was absolutely incompetent to understand the depth of knowledge embedded in this work. Without getting into the discussion whether the story was a fact or fiction, an analysis can still …

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Writing Letters!

Modern technology! The more we seem to use the modern technology the more we seem to be making several arts archiac! One of it is the art of writing letters. When I first came to United States, one of the several directions given to me was to write letters to them regularly. I devotedly used …

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