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Because.. nobody cares about what I say!! :P

Divine Conflicts!

Before the phantom of False morning died, Methought a Voice within the Tavern cried, “When all the Temple is prepared within, Why nods the drowsy Worshipper outside?” – English Translation from Rubaiyat (by Omar Khayyam) Past few weeks have been time and again spent in the contemplations of customs, traditions, the aspects of prayers, worships …

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More on the oceans….

Long long ago I had written a blog on oceans – the ol’ blues of the world! Enormous quantities of water, and yet held within its limits! Varied secrets of the past, all hidden in its depths! The silent witness to the change that has been effective ever since the life was first formed in …

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A Glossary for Netizens!

The Jan 16, 2006 edition of TIME has several interesting articles that makes it worth having in the collection. Some of the issues that it has concentrated this time around, includes the cultural dilemma faced by the many cross-culture breeds and more so, the Asian Americans; the recent scandal to rock the White House in …

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Some observations from everyday life!!

Well, whoever said Life’s a roller coaster ride, had for true, lived it! (Am gettin’ good at making such quotable quotes). Well, the past few days, right after the very first week of the New Year, I had been way up above, and then took a plummetting drop to down the pit, and just when …

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Time Wrap – 2005!!

Cartoon courtesy:- Ok! Let’s see, I am 4 days and 18 hours late in wishing you all A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! And I know a lot of you guys(and gals) have been visiting this page hoping for an update! (Even if you ain’t, in the spirit of the good ol’ year.. keep nodding …

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Rivers of Blood

Ok.. I seem to have written this poem when the carnage at Godhra and Ahmedabad happened. This poem was dedicated to all the victims of these massacres. The Rivers of Blood Deep in the interiors of the battered landsCarving the courses with shapeless hands,Unhindered flow, a thousand scarlet streamsFed by sadness, endless tears and shattered …

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