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Because.. nobody cares about what I say!! :P

Self-affirmation and Responsibility!

Why is man in a constant need for self-affirmation? What makes him fear that his existence is lost amidst the myriad other personalities surrounding him everyday? It is this fear that makes him strive to establish his hold, not just on his relations, but also on the environment, society and eventually the entire creation. One …

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Predictability and Boredom

Long absence! A gradual side lining of the urge to write? I dunno! As a friend of mine so well described, its the tussell of the mind and the spirit (buddhi mattu manassu). Or as calvin would say it “The Mind is willing but the body refuses!”. Whatever the case maybe, this long absence, lemme …

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In the Passing….

Garfield was created by Jim Davis.Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Patterson.Thank you both guyz… things wouldn’t be the same for me without Garfy and C & H. 🙂

Academi(y)c Blunder!

The 78th Academy Awards were given out on the 6th of March, evening at the Kodak theatre in Hollywood. The highlights of the award ceremony were obviously the regal selection of movies – some of which were never a hit in the box office list. This went to assure us movie fans that Oscar Awards …

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(No title)

Do you know why I love you so much? Hmm… sometimes I wonder, if there is any need for you to know it too! Probably you know that I do love you! You always tell me that we are different! You have oft pointed out to the different views we share on various issues. I …

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Off key Tunes….

Feb 1, my idle musings celebrated its first birthday. And then, 8 days later, Feb 9th my musical musings were conceived! And yeah this blog is gonna be a year old now!! Unlike soliloquies, I have not been able to update this blog more frequently! While I already have 73 posts in the former, the …

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