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There u go again!

A Song that Says A Lot!

I must begin this post by giving a heartfelt thanks to my dear ol’ friend Manu. If it weren’t for him, maybe I would have completely driven this song into oblivion. Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie – Page 3, was a very candid and lucid depiction of the life of the personalities featured usually in the so …

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Lost in Asha!

Long time since I wrote anything in here. Well, let’s just say that the trend may continue for a few more days! But not withstanding that, it took Asha Bhonsle’s soulful voice to bring me back to the keyboard to key in about 2 songs in particular, that have been looping in my player for …

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Reinventing Wheels :’Julie’

Statutory Warning:- If you do not like me sounding archaic in my preferences, STOP READING this post rite now! Be in any Indian Film Music, I have never felt comfortable redoing the tunes of one, into another! Bollywood is notoriously famous for lifting its tunes from every nook and corner of the world, and the …

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