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Ye! I think too much of myself! :P

The Bridges of Madison County

One of the things am ever grateful for are my wonderful friends who’ve continuously inspired me for many things. One of my dear and close friend gave me the idea to start writing about my favorite movies.  And hence this new series wherein I want to share my thoughts on movies that have left an …

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Movie Review: Memories in March

Indian Cinema is a field of parallels.  We have at one end of the spectrum mediocrity splattered on the screen by the brigade of KJo and the pelvic thrusting oh-am-so-cool-Khan, and at another end, stalwart performers and directors who believe that their audience have sufficient grey matters within the skulls intact. Their movies do not …

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An Oscar Weekend

Poster_The Help

The Academy Awards have come and gone. Personally, the highlight was Meryl Streep. I would’ve hurled every known curse on the committee if they had omitted Meryl this year.  She is one splendid actress, who should’ve broken the record for winning highest number of Oscar Awards by now, but for the ineptitude of the people …

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Rio-tously Colorful!


Its been really a long time since I wrote about movies! And boy have I been watching them! Ok! Candid confession. I LOVE ANIMATIONS! (Phew! glad I got that out!). No, seriously! I could survive a whole year watching animaged flicks!  I can put out a huge list of my favorite animated movies, and never …

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Mamma Mia! – Much Ado about….

Please Note:- Spoilers ahead! (T)read carefully!! (Not that it really matters ya know! 😉) 3 middle age … well not really, rather…… post middle age women, and 3 similar men, a young couple who believe that they are the wonderland Atlantians prancing around in a Greek Land and a whole cohort of similar Greeks! Add …

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Fanaa: A Mixed Bag

Fanaa – destroyed in love, another churn from the YashRaj Films. To put it all out, is highly flavored in some instances, and just bland in others! Overall what may seem to be a hurriedly packaged product, it leaves a lot to be desired in several levels! Not to mention that at points it seems …

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