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melodious overtures for soul

Lokada kannige raadheyu kooda – Idealism of Love

Time and again I have faulted, and time and again, reverted to set right the flaws of abstaining from writing. Much as one is wont to express, there are I guess moments that deprive them of the ability. Best writers may suffer from moments of depravity of talents, loss of words! I am but a …

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Soulful Songs for Soul – Bhaavageete – II

Previously, I had listed a set of songs, which are poetic compositions and have formed a new genre of music – “Light Music” or more rightly termed “Bhaavageete” in Kannada. These songs describe with fervor the passion, the pain, and beauty of the various emotional upheavels a person goes through under different circumstances. I would …

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Bhaavageete: Soulful songs for hearfelt emotions – 1

The richness of Kannada language has multifarious facets! One of it being the poetic compositions. In order for one to fully appreciate and understand the essence of that statement, they will have to dig deep into the myriad poems written by eminent poets ages since. One can vividly see the emotions penned down reflecting the …

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