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Love its creativity... Hate its snobbishness

Mamma Mia! – Much Ado about….

Please Note:- Spoilers ahead! (T)read carefully!! (Not that it really matters ya know! 😉) 3 middle age … well not really, rather…… post middle age women, and 3 similar men, a young couple who believe that they are the wonderland Atlantians prancing around in a Greek Land and a whole cohort of similar Greeks! Add …

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Have you watched “Finding Neverland”? If you haven’t I do strongly suggest that you do. The story is all about how Barrie was inspired to write “Peter Pan“. The one aspect of the movie that is specifically intended to stand out is the power of imagination! “Believe in it strongly” – Barrie says, “and it …

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You’ve Got Mail!

I watched this movie probably when I was in my Engineering! When Tom Hanks is paired with Meg Ryan, I can be sure of one thing – not to bother about the story! It will be awesome! This movie, was more than awesome, it was SPLENDID with all caps 😉 .From the opening score that …

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