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The Crazy me.... :D

More on Calvin n Hobbes!!

Quotable Calvin n Hobbes!!

I can’t really conceive of any brained structure that would not love “Calvin n Hobbes” – So if any of ya so called “brained creatures” out there don’t like him.. STAY OUT!! 😀 . One thing is for sure, I am so hooked on C & H that I could practically spend days reading him …

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To Do or Not To Do!

Girlssss!!! Even as I am writing this blog, my mind is in a h(m)aze! Why are they so enigmatic and mysterious?! I mean, I have spoken to so many of ’em, I still speak to so many of ’em… and yet am not able to decipher them! Jokes apart, can one really know when to …

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Guess who!

Guess who says Hi Praveen, Just happened to come across your blog…couldnt stop myself from reading. Tht blog was so typical of u..glad to know u havnt changed too much. Ok, so this was the comment left to one of my blogs jeevan ke safar mein in my home page. Now, the whole idea behind …

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My Tagged Resume…(for Kishan and er..others too)

Three names I go by:-PraveenPaviPappu Three screen I would like to have:-Simba_the KingtechnoshockerAashiq Three physical things I like about myself:-My eyesMy lips (and the beauty spot near it)My fingers Three physical things I dont like about myself:-My receding follicles in the cerebral cranium region 🙁My Increasin’ girth in the thoracic area :((My almost non-existent presence …

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Not quite another weekend!!!

Ok!! So… know what? My weekend has been quite unlike my many others. Know why?! Well for one, I was among the millions who stood waitin’ with bated breathe for the moment when world over the 6th Harry Potter book got released!!! It was fun! Me and my friends went to this really kewl Mexican …

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