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The Crazy me.... :D

Crawlers and Creepers!!

Well Well.. after a very very laaang time.. I am back into the blogging foray!! Missed u all chums.. dearies!! Trust me! I did!! So well.. here is something to start us all with… but before u embark… Statutory Warnings:1. No this has nothing to do with preeetttty preettty flowers or plants!2. The first person …

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Vain Affairs Of An Egotistical Mind!

One of those idle evenings when your mind just does not want to exercise, well I indulge in exploring fun aspects of my personality through some dumb personality tests! So here are some of the results. So basically what I am trying to say here is, I am too bored or lazy to even think …

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Hitting a Century and a Tag!!

The ball has been passed down from Disha to Manju. Manju is eyeing Praveen very intently. The crowd awaits with baited breathe! It’s a turning point in this blog match, and its the clash of the titans! Manju wants to throw a yorker completely baffling the batsman, and embarassing him into accepting 6 of his …

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Whose Tag is it Anyway!!

It had been quite a while since we played the game of tagging the fellow bloggers! There were a few questions that have been playing pranks in my mind. So here goes a list of questions and my answers for the same. And me being the originator, the bloggers I’d like to Tag with these …

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My Grouse on Weight Loss!

I am shooore that many of my friends who have seen me, would agree that I have no need whatsoever to workout! But then, my mom has quite a different perspective on my physical structurization. Alas! She is my mom and a damn adamant one at that! So when she gave me an ultimatum on …

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I’m comin’ up .. so u better get this party started!!!!!

Oh yeah! baby!! Now.. all you guyz n galz line up! On the count of three… three.. two.. two1/2.. two 1/4… one!! TaDaaaaan!! *Tralalalalalalala* *jhing chak jigi jigi chak* *girls shrieking their lungs out* and now.. a solemn voice comes about reverberating in the DTX style – “mic check… mic check..1 2 3…”yappy burrday to …

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