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MS Subbulakshmi – The Divinity of Classical Music

Smt. M S Subbulakshmi, is a name that is sychoronous with Classical Carnatic music. I am at a loss of words to describe her, suffice it to say that she was my “maanasa guru” – a teacher I followed by my heart. I have learnt numerous stotras and songs by listening her sing. I have …

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We all have priorities in life. Things that we need to do most importantly of the several other deeds we spend our time upon. The question is, do we do that? I really wonder how many of us would give a sincere reply to that. If at all we do, I think a majority of …

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Such is the human nature!!!

Man is probably the most complex of all the beings. Not just anatomically but psychologically, philosophically and what not. What is it that makes him so complex? Is it the plethora of thoughts that run in his mind? Is it the pattern of those thoughts, that are just so undiscernable even by the most sophisticated …

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The magic of Pancharatnas

Shri Tyagaraja is one of the trinities of Indian Classical Music and rightly so. His compositions are so rich in devotion and melody, that it enthralls the listener and creates a field of devotion and music around him. One certainly has to listen to the “pancharatnas” to know the power that music can bestow and …

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Music – The Sound of the soul

naahaM vasaami vaikuMThe na yOgi hRudayEravoumadbhaktAH yatra gAyaMti tatra tiShThAmi nArada Music is a rhythmic, ordered sound produced by a synchronized movement – scientifically speaking. But in the realms of art, music is an enchantment. The power of sound enters into the mystic levels, when it alleviates itself into music. The cacophonous, incoherent sounds that …

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The perils of Change

Today I was listening to the song “karunaalu baa belake”, and was also reminded of the original english poem “Lead Kindly light” by Newman. What followed was a series of thoughts that meandered about thinking about this whole process of change.Although, it is obvious that the hall mark of the song was certainly not this …

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