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This Wandering Day – Rings of Power

The glory of the world of Tolkien is one that can barely be fathomed even by most of his avid fans, including me! I’ve lost count of the number of times I have watched the trilogies just to cheer myself up, or perused through many quotes from his works, to find that sparkle of inspiration. …

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The Dilemmas of Leadership – Pt 3

In my last post, I was deliberating about the need for a leader to be mindful about one’s own thoughts and feelings. The practice of mindfulness helps increase one’s self-awareness, and the more one is self-aware, the easier it becomes to be mindful. So mindfulness meditation technique is definitely a key methodology or tool to …

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The Dilemmas of Leadership – Pt 2

In the previous post, we looked at the subjectivity of the attributes desirous of a leader. The fact that there are multiple factors that determine what qualities a leader must possess as well as display, requires the leader to be highly mindful. A leader has to be mindful of not only the situation in the …

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The Dilemmas of Leadership: Pt-1

Who is a leader? Since time immemorial, the trait of leadership as an important quality of a successful human being has been studied repeatedly. As times have changed, the qualities that represent who a good leader is have also changed. Some qualities of a great leader have persisted, some have been dropped or sidelined and …

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Empty pages strewn on my bedYou robbed me of my words too!Today I am spent, my coffers are emptyThere’s nothing of value I can give! We are strangers again today,Passing by eachother as life moves on,The caravan of our dreams disbanded,They now entertain someone else! Do you think dreams rot too?Moistened by tears, fodder for …

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Timeless Beauties of Silver Screen – 2

A few years ago, I had started to do a throwback series on actresses from Hindi film industry – the key motive being to revisit some of the wonderful songs that have been pictured on them. The first part of this series can be found here. After a long hiatus as I continue to start …

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