All About Me!

Hey there!

Well, I really will not be writing ‘ALL’ about myself here! 😛 However, what follows may be sufficient enough for you to turn away from this website, or maybe in a rare occurrence, make you re-visit!

Welcome to my domain. 🙂 Am Praveen Shivashankar.  Its a tricky proposition, this whole rigmarole of having to write about ourselves! I’ve often quipped that if I were to describe myself in one word, I’d call myself an Explorer.  And that exactly sums up everything that has motivated me and has been keeping me going at whatever it is that I do. The spirit to explore!
These aspects of self-introduction, I guess should come with a manual! Makes life so much simpler. Isn’t it? A Bangalorean by birth and by heart, and yet a stranger in my own city!  I belong to a generation that has probably become so disassociated from the place we grew up in, that we have continuously distanced ourselves from the city at such a rapid pace, that am now left with a lingering feeling of being in no-man’s land. Not that my bengaluru cares about it!
Professionally, I was a software engineer! After exploring various avenues, I thoroughly enjoyed my work in the field of Biometrics – a technology that I can relate to and appreciate. I am currently a first year MBA student at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. I love fine arts, and have tried to make it an indelible part of my character and personality. This domain is but a reflection of all that.  So enjoy your stay here. Hopefully you’ll find it worth returning to, else, peace be with you! And nice to have had you here :).