This Wandering Day – Rings of Power

The glory of the world of Tolkien is one that can barely be fathomed even by most of his avid fans, including me! I’ve lost count of the number of times I have watched the trilogies just to cheer myself up, or perused through many quotes from his works, to find that sparkle of inspiration. It seems just as fresh and captivating as the first time one were to venture into the shire!

So when Amazon announced a new series to bring to life the happenings of Middle Earth during the middle of the second age, I like many could barely contain my excitement. I am going to ignore the divide that exists about whether Amazon did a good job of it or not. I do not believe anyone is in a position to judge with barely 5 episodes being aired. But to its credit, in episode 5, the song sung by Poppy was so beautiful that I couldn’t help but just rewind it and keep listening to it again and again and again!

I am a huge sucker for lyrics that are weighted with their insights into human mind, relationships and those that tug on the heart’s fragile strings! This song, titled, “This Wandering Day” composed by Bear McCreary, has become so close to my heart, because it speaks of exploration… of setting out on a journey, the destination of which, we know not! It speaks of everything that can wear us down, and yet the exhilaration of exploration does not cease! I’ve often times, described myself as an explorer and if ever there were to be a song or two that I’d choose to represent this desire, I would definitely choose this one (and the other one would be of ABBA!)

So, here goes the lyrics of this beautiful song! I’ve boldened the part of the song that is my favourite! 😉

The sun is fast falling beneath trees of stone
The light in the tower no longer my home
Past eyes of pale fire
Black sand for my bed
I’d trade all I’ve known for the unknown ahead

Call to me, call to me, lands far away
For I must now wander this wandering day
Away I must wander this wandering day

Of drink I have little
And food I have less
My strength tells me no
But the path demands yes

My legs are so short
And the way is so long
I’ve no rest nor comfort
No comfort but song

Sing to me, sing to me, lands far away
Oh rise up and guide me this wandering day
Please promise to find me this wandering day

At last comes their answer
Through cold and through frost
That not all who wonder or wander are lost
No matter the sorrow
No matter the cost

That not all who wonder or wander are lost

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