Keyboarding from Toronto…

Ok! Let’s get to the point right away! I graduated! MBA is now another 3 letters added to the list of qualifications. Montreal is now a beautiful memory – a place I now visit as a former student, a visitor, a lover longing for those mural clad streets, the sunny weekends reverberating with the sound of tam-tams, and breath-taking view from Mount Royal and Beaver lake.

If you want to lose the sense of time, I suggest taking up something you feel passionate about. It seems like only yesterday that the childhood desire of pursuing an MBA became so immense, that I couldn’t rest till it was done. How the two years slid by doesn’t seem a mystery at all! The semesters were packed with classes, interviews, workshops, exams, friends, parties, late-night homework sessions, video games, board games and ofcourse ample stress! 🙂

Now, I am in Toronto. I work as a Manager at a cool firm, bringing together futuristic technology and innovation. The beautiful Lake Ontario is what I wake up to in the morning and come home to after work. There are four books on the stand next to my bed in different stages of engagement. The kitchen feels warmer – what with the heat of the freshly cooked food still lingering around. Life goes on…I have seen everything that happened like a distant view, like the fresh spread of the white snow on the far landscape of Toronto Islands. Sometimes I wonder if this is all indeed what I have lived through – so surreal and yet so intimate!

After the long hiatus, I feel I am ready now. The detour was beautiful, the lessons learnt were life-altering. It is time to get back into this journey. It is time to resume my soliloquies….

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