Changes… changes..

Better late than never!!

Even as I type the heading for this blog, my body shudders! Quite literally!

How often have you wondered about the direction your life is taking? The decisions we make, the paths we choose?! No matter how much we feel and convince ourselves of our preparedness, the unraveling of the events always brings with it a dash of surprise. The touch of realism slaps us to our senses and no matter how much we’ve convinced ourselves, the truth dawns on us at that point of time. What was known earlier was just an idea.. a conception.. the reality…stark and overbearing is what confronts us now.

Everything above may seem ominous! Well it is not! Some of you may know this and some maybe surprised to know now! Eventually nobody may care! 😉 LOL! But nevertheless, it is only customary to officially state the facts – I have moved to Canada.  I am doing my MBA at one of the most renowned and prestigious institutes in the world – McGill University. Needless to say, it has been a dream come true – one for which a lot of sweat were shed (and sweaty shirts washed!!). My brain had to pump up so much in the past year, I was afraid I’d lose it! But in the end, it has all been worthwhile. There were many heartaches indeed – the process of applying for an MBA is a humbling one! To begin with you have to really assess yourself and despite the best guard, your ego does seem to paint a glorious picture of yourself and so when the top most institutes you apply for don’t respond or reject, its a feeling that leaves a sour taste for a long time to come! But before I could settle myself down to a state of disbelief at my own ineptitude despite a good record, a confirmation from a premier institute redeemed my faith! It is not that I had developed a sense of hopelessness! That never happened, but the roots of your self-belief and confidence do get shaken up!

Anyways, things have come to a pass, and as the adage goes, all’s well that ends well. Only, like yet another adage, this end, is very well a new beginning! A beginning that has dawned in Montreal. On July 20th, I boarded a plane to one of the most beautiful cities in the world – a bedrock of culture and education – Montreal! I quit my job and spent the last remaining days in Dublin soaking in as much of the city as possible. There is a mixed feeling of excitement and deep sadness.  It’s a phenomenal change that has flooded me all at once – my work, my family, my environment, everything has undergone a shift that, to be honest, despite my knowing, I was not able to fully comprehend.  The school has started and that means, my tardy updates will only go from bad to worse (or worse to worst!!) 🙁  Between the class sessions, homework and personal work, it has become a tug of war and there is a deafening cry for better time management! All in all, it’s all looking good so far! I’ll try and keep you regularly updated about what’s happening here….tune in if you wanna know more 😉

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