Curtains Open!

And for the umpteenth time…. I am so so so so sorry!!

I know I know…even the semblance of readers that may have been hanging around have now finally retired.  I can almost see the cobwebs gathered on this page.  The website has become so dormant that Sajid Khan’s movies have started to seem more dynamic and innovative! And it is solely my cross to bear!  And I am sure that you have all (I mean the spiders, non-existent readers, bored I-dunno-how-I-got-here-internet-junkies) by now either known or stopped caring about the reasons (did I hear someone say excuses?) for my absence.

Well, there are aplenty. Not that I haven’t been writing! (Gosh! I almost feel like a cheater!) It’s just that my arena of writing was shifted to other areas – what with the articles to Hindu becoming a regular feature (Did you visit the collection of my articles here?)  I am also extremely happy that I have been able to contribute to my language through the means of translations. I contributed a couple of translations of portions of works by famous and renowned Kannada Authors, which would be published in the Sahitya Akademi Journal.  YogaKshema Rehabilitation & Wellness Center, that I am a part of, started its publishing activities and I was also involved in translating some of the handbooks into Kannada and also creating a new handbook in English.  All of these, apart from the usual work-life ensured that inspite of my best efforts, I just did not get around to publishing anything new here.

That doesn’t mean that I was completely oblivious to the environment here. I cannot confess on the number of drafts that have been left incomplete.  The happenings in the past few months have strongly prompted me to write, and write I did.  I never got around to completing them and now am wondering if I should publish them at all. While I am in dilemma over the issues, their relevance cannot be denied.  I may have to still rework on it and publish it. Having said that, lemme not promise that I will be more regular.  However, I’ll definitely try to be more consistent. 🙂 The key, me dearies, is to set the expectation so low, that anything better would always seem a welcome output! 😉

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    • IAmWalrus on January 10, 2017 at 9:14 AM
    • Reply

    And the prodigal fan returns! 😀 Can you guess who?
    Well, well, well. So much has transpired since we last spoke & so many blog posts to catch up with.
    I am glad you continue to write. Not as frequently as you should, though, to do justice to your skills. 🙂
    Now that we’ve reconnected, I’ll popping up around here often. You better dish out blog posts by the dozen or incur wrath of this fan 😉

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