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Right… so the last time I was here, I had promised that there’d be lots of new posts and new sections and what not! I have a growing feeling that it’s becoming the quintessential election manifesto! But not to lose heart, there are infact many posts that are in the draft stage. The problem being that before I can complete one, an idea for another would’ve cropped up in my mind, and I immediately start off on the new draft so that I don’t lose it!  Well, that’s me – your own blog-philanderer aka Casanova-e-blogistan!

Well now for some “Breakin’ News” and you’ll appreciate not only the genuine nature of the facts established here, but also how literally this news is “Breakin’!” I so wish all the NDTV, CNN-IBN, and TV9 channels strewn on the Indian home screen shall pick a leaf off this blog and apply.  So what’s it you ask?!

Your’s Truly has met with an Accident! Now for the benefit of the many who shall invariably ask the who, what, when, where, how of this Breaking News… pliss to read on.

So there was I, minding my own business, goody-two-shoes going along the Chikkalsandra Main Road (well its actually just a small road where a lot of thoroughfare goes through to avoid the actual “Main Road”) to drop off a package at the courier.  As I was crossing the road, two of the oh-am-so-cool-i-can-speed-anywhere brigade of college nincom-poop-brained guys riding on a sorry Honda Activa emerged from behind an auto, overtaking it from the wrong side and to their surprise, found an unassuming chap carrying a parcel! The next thing you know, the opposites attracted – I was what you’d call the embodiment of wisdom and intelligence and valor, and they the lack of all of the aforementioned and more!  BAAAAAAAAANNGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And next thing you know….there was I on the pavement (well I was almost getting onto the pavement, when they came and knocked me off) my leg wobbling with an obvious broken bone! Long story short… yours truly got admitted to the hospital and a surgery was performed and post discharge, now, here I am, keying in the most happening literally Breaking News of last week (It happened on Monday – 4th of March approximately around 11:30 AM) – live from the horse’s stables! 🙂

With two breaks in the tibular region of my left leg, there isn’t anything much that I can do except hoist my a$$ on the bed, and try to catch up on a lot of reading and writing.  Work shalt be resumed from the haloed grounds of my room, and I shalt be spared the horror of Bangalore traffic! On the ups… lots of pampering.. the awwwwwss.. the Oh-NO-Not-to-yous.. the fruits, flowers and cakes! 🙂

Life has a panache for springing the surprises when we are least prepared for it or expecting it.  We’d have made grandiose plans only to find that in the flash of a moment, it’s all undone, and we need to start-over.  But there’s beauty inherent in this too.  I am learning to appreciate my body at a totally different level – learn to care for it and listen to it.  (Well.. on another positive side, my parents are getting to see me more at home, and talk to me more!) Although it surely doesn’t make it necessary to break one’s bones to be able to do all this, it has given me an opportunity to fetch a purpose and meaning – one that was worth breaking my leg for! 🙂 For when I am up on it, I must go for the kill!

And for all those speed-thrillers out there – Surely the Constitution guarantees everybody’s freedom. You, my dear friends, are most welcome to over-speed, flout basic driving rules and knock yourself dead. But when it comes to hurting someone else, because you think you are super-cool….. next time, may well be your last time! Amen!


    • jayanthi on March 11, 2013 at 8:00 PM
    • Reply

    OMG…You got hit by a Activa.!!!…thank god it was not a cycle..:) lol..

  1. Oh Man! That was my expression when I got to know about the accident. However, I must say your post quite vividly describes it. I hope you get well really soon and as you said – ‘go for the kill’


  2. @Jayanthi aka Bibiji: LOL you shoulda seen the way it was being driven! And just to clarify bibiji.. it wasn’t an Activa.. it was two ruffians riding on an Activa that hit me! 😛

    @Himanshu: If only I had known the whereabouts of those guys… I would’ve surely taken that to the literal end! 😛

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