And the show’s back!

It’s already been 2 months nearly since I keyed something in here!  Geez! I seem to be losing my touch!  It used to be atleast a couple of months before I would start feeling the gnawing sense of abandoning the web space, but seems like am already on my way to tread the same old habit!

And again, I do plead guilty albeit with genuine reasons! In the past few weeks, I’ve been busy preparing for my IEEE Certification as a Biometric Professional, and Voila! I did it too!  And what a better way to start the new year, than celebrating that achievement, which incidentally (planned actually) was achieved on the 31st of December! And soon after that I had to travel to Dublin and just so many changes happening in so many quarters – personally, professionally… I guess I was just too self-indulgent to be pampering myself on the web space too!  But eeenyways, these, my dear non-existent readers are the things of past! I am byaack and with a byaang! 😀

So what can you chumms and chummiyas expect in the Season 2013 series?!! Apart from the usual fanfare related to the most wonderful person (read “ME”!), there’ll be a lot of music, more drooling over the beautiful ladies from the silver screen, more agonizingly painful poems that don’t seem to go anywhere, books that are currently piled up next to my bed (thankfully not underneath it) and.. wait a minute…hold your breathe…. some technical mumbling too!  Yeah! That’s right!  Before you guys could faint at the sheer variety, pliss to listen.  In the course of all these years, where I was ensuring that the supply  of chapathis and curry on the table wouldn’t dry, I had a wonderful time running into new technologies and obstacles in understanding them.  Sometimes the most dumb questions would pop into my now budding mind, and I had a good time embarrassing myself on many online portals and discussion forums, where genteel lads guided me around these technologies like a new born baby should be!  And I thought, what better way to repay this kindness, than actually show it off!! So now you know the motivation behind this new category.  On the sidelines, ofcourse, we now have another section that’ll starve itself for want of posts! Sigh!

Well all said and done, it’s back to the key board, and chop chop.. ideas to churn out and verbal diarrhea to spew around! Welcome and do sit in the front rows… there really aren’t many.. and there’s enough space to sleep around (It’s not what you think! Geez!) too! The show is gonna start … and it’s curtains up now!

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