Dejected & Depressed

I have started to hate myself and my posts off late! If anyone out there is still visiting this website and actually still reading my posts, well, my condolences to your common sense and my “Ha Ha” on your optimism!

  • 5 hours of journey – 15 hours of work.
  • 4 hours of productivity, 11 hours of plain debauchery
  • An effin’ bag weighing 5 Kgs dangling on your back and 2 hours of grueling bus ride,
  • Thankless job that’s making me wonder if I sold myself for money
  • A project for the people of India who are governed by Governments that are filled with $h1t h0le$ and bas*****s who can only show off their apathy for civic amenities – point in case: Bangalore Road & Infrastructure & Nationwide corruption.
  • People who I look for support and love, only seem to be more interested in criticizing and complaining, and hurl words that are more hurtful than brickbats.
  • I’ve become more of a stranger to myself.

Just wanna sleep….. a deep… sleep.. Good night.

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