Life… In a Metro – 1

I had always maintained that compared to the idle musings that I write, this music spot has remained neglected. It doesn’t come to bear that I haven’t been hearing music at all. Well a hectic professional & personal life has surely has cut down on my splurges into music, but I have been hearing so many songs and albums that I could write about them for years to come. But I know, I haven’t been doing that! I don’t know to what extent I shall be able to rectify my shortcomings in this regard. But yeah, I would love to be able to post more often here. As I sat brooding over what to write about to kick start the series again, the first and foremost thing that came to my mind was the album of the movie – Life…. In
a Metro. I had watched the movie a long time ago, and some songs instantly had captured my attention. But it wasn’t until a few months ago, when I got myself the collection (which is really tough to find surprisingly!!) that I came in full realization of the beauty of this album. Its composition, its music, the
singers have done such a magnificent job that I was stunned at my audacity to have ignored it for so long!!

The album boasts of a cohort of lyricists, and singers. Syed Quadri, Sandeep Srivastava and Amitabh verma are the formers while KK, James, Soham, Suhail, Adnan Sami and Pritam belong to the latter category. The music is by Pritam, who has literally brought in a fresh wave into the industry through his talent.

The movie is directed by Anurag Basu. The movie by itself was brilliant ofcourse. So nicely intertwining the lives of seemingly different people living in the same Metro roof! Seamlessly blending into the life of one person and the other, there was never a moment of disconnection. It surely is a challenge to
handle such scripts and Basu has done an amply wonderful job.

The purpose ofcourse would be to talk of music, and songs. And here, I have chosen my favorite 4 numbers. I wouldn’t rate them based on the way I post them.

For me they are all equally brilliant and amazing. They are all so to say, different in their situations, but the brilliance of the words, and the magnificence of music is overflowing through each one distinctively! It has many of the songs repeated in the album having been remixed. To start with…

In Dino – lyrics by Syed Quadri and sung by Soham.
In Dino dil mera
mujh se hai keh raha
Tu…. khwaab saja..
Tu… jee le zara
hai tujhe bhi ijaazat, kar le tu bhi muhabbat. (2)

In Dino….
Be rang si hai badi zindagi
kuch rang to bharoon
main apni tanhaayi ke waaste
ab kuch toh karoon (2)
Jab mile koi phursat..(2)
khud se karle muhobbat…
hai tujhe bhi ijaazat, kar le tu bhi muhobbat
Usko chupakar mein sabse kabhie
le chaloon kahin door
aankhon ke pyaale se peeta rahoon
uske chehre ka noor (2)
is zamaane se chupkar (2)
poori karloon mein hasrat
hai tujhe bhi ijaazat kar le tu bhi muhobbat

In dino….


The Rock music seems to have finally found its foray into the Bollywood realm. There used to be a time when ears shattering melee was called music – thanks to the clan of Anu Maliks who seemed as if they had all fallen on their heads on birth. Though some of them can surely be discounted. Anyways, this particular song has a soft rock music well strummed on the Guitar, soft drums and keyboard. Soham’s voice provides the right blend of melancholy and romance that go hand in hand that is so important for the lyrics to hold your attention and render them effective.
The guarded happiness of a heart that has finally come to experience Love, that it had so far craved, and finally wants to accept is well expressed in the Quadri’s words. The second para that speaks of the loving moments with the dear one stolen from the eyes of the world is absolutely astounding for its simplicty. The lines that express the desire to spend the eternity just by gazing into the loving eyes of the sweetheart, and drinking through them the brilliance of her face is sheer visual poetry. A love that indeed has to be hidden from the world, lest someone cast an evil eye!! Beautiful… just beautiful!!

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