Ramblings on the way home….

DisclaimerWhen one writes with a rather pissed off outlook, seldom would they write about anything cheerful. So, my readers will have to bear with me on this post. 🙂

Traveling home in Bangalore traffic on a rainy day, can be either an enchanting experience, or a harrowing and excruciating torture depending on what one chooses to do with the time lying at hand. Given that I’ve always been accused by my readers for being inconsistent and irregular in my writings, (after much soliloquy) I thought I may as well utilize this time to write.  So going forward if you are lucky enough to see more of me online, well you know who to thank! 😉

Oh! One personal update – I quit MindTree. Am with a new company now, and in a newer, challenging and more satisfying role.  Lemme ask you this. How does it feel when you are handed something new?  Whether it’s an object or a situation, a person or a relationship, anything new that confronts us or materializes in the mundane existences of our lives, leaves us a cauldron of emotions. There is either a promise in our dreams or a nightmare.  But reaction is a certainty. They (the new entrants) manifest as choices.  And every choice forks a path in front of us. If only it were as direct as picking the yellow brick road! 🙂

The decision to quit MindTree wasn’t easy.  I guess it’s true for any change that we opt for – personal or professional.  We would’ve established a certain comfort level, cushioned our ass(et)s and soon enough there is a rumble in the paradise we’ve built and we have to get to the task of re-doing the entire job.  I happened to ask a fellow colleague of mine who had served quite a number of years in this company (hats off to that!) why he chose to stick on. All he quipped was that he didn’t want to go through the pain of a job change and get onto proving his worth in a new organization altogether.  Nothing wrong in that at all! But I shudder at the thought of ending up with such stagnant thoughts. Change is the order of nature.  Yet, invariably we strive hard to resist it. Whether its aging, death, relationships or diet! 🙂 From age defying creams to extravagant silicon implants, man is in a constant struggle to preserve his cushioned ass(et)s. 😛

Is the fear probably one of failure? Of the unknown? Of our abilities or inabilities to scale up? Fears are myriad. But the crippling effect they have on us rendering us incapable of change, is universal.  Yet, nature that programmed these fears, also in its beauty holds the key to unlocking the treasure trove of optimism and hope that lights the darkest corners of mind.  We meet a person, or get an offer, that splashes a riot of colors on our plain existence.  The one hand we held in passing, turns out to be a pillar of support, and gives a confidence hitherto unfelt. The window of opportunity that opens brings in new light and a promise of a better land.  The howling tornado ceases to exist, and the seas part to reveal the road to a promised land.  And we set off on a journey.  The fear follows us doggedly, but the thrust of hope far exceeds the shackles of pessimism desiring to hold us back.

This promise has exposed itself in both my personal as well as professional lives.  I know that I’ve steered into waters that have never been charted, atleast not on my map.  It’s an adventure in deed.  After all, I’ve always considered myself an Explorer.  And more over, no one has ever written stories out of everyday matters (well none except the writers of Ekta’s clan of soap makers i.e.)

So as I resigned from MindTree, and ventured out, I knew that my hand was held by a power. The power of Love – the love for my field and technology.  I am back in the area I’ve cherished and always longed to work in.  Personally too…..but that’s a different story.  Perhaps meant for another long journey home?  Its time to signoff now… am nearing my stop. 1.5 hours of sheer verbal diarrhea.  Oh well…. U know me 🙂

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