Krodha bhakshyas….

Krodha Bhakshya was a demigod who would feed on the anger of people and grow strong.  He is a legendary character who had almost succeeded in dethroning Lord Indra. Needless to say, we do have some Krodha Bhakshyas amongst us too! Well, for all that one may know, maybe the person who created this character, himself was a victim of such a personality!!

Today, I came face to face with an ugly side of myself.  Ugly, because I realized that inspite of my best efforts,  I still come across as vulnerable.  Words, I have come to recognize are very powerful. They have in them, the ability to make or mar an entire civilization. Such words, when used rather frivolously, can devastate the delicate balance of any relationship.  And when one is hit by a whole barge of such words, tumbling down without a respite, what is one to do?!  I gave up, and said something that instantly made me hate myself.  For no matter, how rude the other person may have been, or however provocative, would it justify for one to wish ill-luck to the other?!

Thoughts are very powerful. So much so, that they have in them the potential to manifest the reality.  It is for this reason, that since ages immemorial, a lot of emphasis was paid on thoughts, and thinking behavior.  Being a part of YogaKshema where we lay great importance on forgiving and tolerance, uttering what I did, was rather shocking, for me personally.  I immediately sent a silent prayer hoping that my words would be proved wrong.  No matter what he said, or how hurtful the words were, I cannot reconcile to the fact that I was enraged enough to wish bad for someone. 

I seem so vulnerable right now…. but more than that.. I only pray that God proves me wrong….!

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