Pissed off….

The Government is proposing a budget cut for the UID project.  An estimated 1,400 crore is what is recommended to be allocated to the project instead of the 3,500 that was requested by the UID folks.

So, why am I pissed off?!! Well, the estimate of the bribe that a certain fu**ing, b@$t@rd of a cabinet minister got towards the favoritism he showed for allocating certain resources is 3,000 Cr.

We are a nation that is governed by a$$holes who swindle money for their personal benefits, but feign poverty for funds towards projects aimed at National Welfare & Effective Governance. 

A note to the CM of TN – It is a given that you are a old geezer.  To claim that the minister is being harassed because he is a dalit, and hence is being tainted in the scam, only affirms that your brains have long been suspended.  Give us a break and go soak your head in cold water and stay put till your senses get knocked out completely or you get some sense knocked into your brain that otherwise seems to be filled with worthless $hit which you seem to mouth off time to time!

A Note to the CM of Karnataka: You are just as despicable without having to enact your histrionics! Get a life or just lose it man! You are unfit to be even considered a human being.

Gosh… am just so pissed off!! Aaaaaaaarrrrghhhhhhhh!

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