Has there been a moment in your lifetime when there was a startling current that would’ve surged through your spine, which would’ve made you stand up and take notice of the fact that you needed a huge make over?!! Let’s exclude Rakhi Sawant, Himmesh Res-chammiya, and Meghana Naidu from this question.  We are talking of the more mundane mortals such as us, who are concerned with the rigmaroles of our life and constantly striving to find our Neverlands.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve told myself – “From today, I’m a changed man!” which is pretty much everyday because, I do look at the mirror everyday! And no, its not the same me, who was there, 24 hours ago! 🙂 There’z been 24 hours of maturity, 24 hours of experience, 24 hours of memories, 24 hours of calories, 1/24th of an inch of grey hair, LOL.. well u get the idea. So… yeah.. am a changed man everyday of my life!

The question nevertheless is, is the change for good? Every passing day, we set goals for ourselves. Achieving these goals would define us, nay define our very existence.  Goals that are metamorphosising every single moment.  When life is so dynamic, how can goals be stagnant?! Social goals, personal goals, professional goals, and for some of us, spiritual goals too! How many of these goals was I able to achieve today? There have been days when its a bliss to answer this question, and some days when am tongue tied. But it does visit me every night, like a sweet companion to the seeping darkness around me. Sometimes its a lullaby and sometimes its the boogeyman.

Why is it then, that I pine so much for change? Is it to escape boredom from a predictable and mundane life that I may otherwise fall into? Or is there a lofty ideal of self-efficacy that am in pursuit of? Maybe am being a mere show-off? 😉 Whatever it is, I do know that, not wanting it would’ve been painful. Given the option to suffer change or suffer stagnancy, I’d gladly choose the former.  And I can only hope it shall be for good!

There is a new day coming up. Was my today good? I guess so! Am satisfied, and I know that I can go to bed with a smile.  Would I make the best of tomorrow? Possibly! Another 24 hours… and I won’t be the same…. 🙂 There is a resurrection happening every moment. There is a part of me that dies.. a part that is reborn… and yet, its all me.

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