Life… In a Metro – 2

Another song that I have really treasured in the movie is “Rishtey toh nahin..” sung by James and written by Syed Quadri and music by Pritam Chakraborthy. It has been a long time since a hard hitting song like this has been penned. Frankly the song holds mirror to many of the modern day relationships. Relationships that have become nothing but a convenience – a way for people to attend to their physical, emotional or social needs. But then is that the purpose of relationships? Sure they were initially the need of the ‘social’ man… but relationships have to transcend the banal and superficial needs of the body or the mind.. and eventually dwell into the deeper taverns of the soul! People who enter into relationships off late, come out of it in tatters, their heart and soul is shambles! The increasing stress of the present generation has bruised many relationships. The song is beautifully worded with the choicest of expressions that paint the shallow depths of many such relationships that are an unwanted baggage piled on the teetering shoulders of many modern lives irrespective of their age, creed, or location.
Coming to the song, James has sung amazingly well. Again the rock

rishtey toh nahi rishton ki parchaayiyaan mile
yeh kaisi bheed bas yahaan tanhaayiyaan mile – 2
(…the Guitar that follows this is just superb!)

One doesn’t find relationships, but only the shadows of it! This is a crowd where one only finds loneliness!

ek chhat ke tale ajnabi ho jaate hai rishtey
bistar pe chaadaron se chhup so jaate hai rishtey – 2
dhunde se bhi inme nahi darmaayiyaan mile
yeh kaisi bheed hai bas yahaan tanhaayiyaan mile

Under one roof, relationships become strangers. Like the mattresses on the bed, the relationships become still. Inspite of searching one fails to find the warmth or the closeness in them. What sort of a crowd is this, where one finds only loneliness?!!!

jisko bhi dekhiye woh adhura sa hai yahaan
jaise kahin hoga woh aadha rakha huwa – 2
ho jab jahaan jude wahi judaayiyaan mile
yeh kaisi bheed hai bas yahaan tanhaayiyaan mile

Whoever you see here, seems incomplete – as if a part of him has been left off somewhere! Right where one seeks to join, there he runs into separation! What sort of a crowd is this, wherein one finds only loneliness!

ristey toh nahi rishton ki parchaayiyaan mile
yeh kaisi bheed hai bas yahaan tanhaayiyaan mile – 2

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