Lokada kannige raadheyu kooda – Idealism of Love

Time and again I have faulted, and time and again, reverted to set right the flaws of abstaining from writing. Much as one is wont to express, there are I guess moments that deprive them of the ability. Best writers may suffer from moments of depravity of talents, loss of words! I am but a normal penman!! J So must I ask that the absences be treated kindly!

My readers, and by which I mean YOU have been as benevolent as ever! Prodding me, requesting me and threatening me to get back to writing! And here I am! Finally getting around to finding my voice! These bouts of silences, I have been told does much good to a writer, in that, they probably help him assimilate the thoughts, let them simmer in the cauldron of the mind, and cook – eventually giving out a good aroma that precludes a delicious meal to be served!
And so it is today, that I bring to you all music lovers a gem of a song written by Kannada poet – H S Venkatesh Murthy. This song has been immortalized by the voice of Sunitha Anathaswamy and set to tune by the maestro himself – Sri Mysore Ananthaswamy. By much popular request since many months, I am finally writing to you all about – “LOkada kaNNige raadheyu kooDa” – a poem that extols the immense love that Radha had for Krishna and the spiritual aspect of it. The lyrics for the same follows:

lOkada kaNNige raadheyu kooDa ellaraMte oMdu heNNu pa
nanagO aake kRuShNana tOruva preetiyu neeDida kaNNu anu. pa

To the eyes of the world, Radha is a woman just like the others! But for me, she is the eyes of love that will show the vision of Krishna. (The poet refers to the love of Radha which when followed likewise, reveals to us the supreme spiritual manifestation of the Almighty! And thus love can act as the spiritual means towards attainment of the divine)

tiMgaLa raatri toreya sameepa (2) uridare yaavudO deepa (2)
yaarO mOhana yaava raadhego(2) paDutiruvanu paritaapa (2)

During the full moon night, near the banks of the flowing stream, if you find a lamp burning, be assured that some Krishna is burning in the pangs of love and aching for some Radha! (The universality of love is such that it transforms every guy into Krishna and every girl into Radha, every stream, rivulet becomes a Yamuna!!)

Naanu nannadu nannavarennuva (2) halavu toDakugaLa meeri (2)
Dhaavisi sEralu bRuMdaavanava (2) raadhe tOruvaLu daari (2)

Amidst the myriad obstacles of selfishness, ego and pride, Radha is the one path that leads us past these obstacles quickly into the domain of Krishna – the Brindavan! (True spiritual realization arises when the sense of I, Me & Mine is lost! The ego manifests itself in the form of our binding to our possessions, our relations and everything that is directly or indirectly related to us! These obstacles not only prevent us from God realization, but also take us farther away from Him. A selfless love – as that of Radha is the leading light that always guides us towards the supreme realization that God and Love are but one and the same!)

Maha pravaaha (3) taDeyuvarilla paatravirada tore preeti (2)
Toredaru tanna toreyadu priyana (2) raadheya preetiya reeti.. idu… (3)

Love is like a flooding river – one that is not bound by any limitations! Even though it may sacrifice the self, the lover is never given up! Such is the love of Radha! (Radha’s love was not obsessive! It was never a hindrance to the life of Krishna. More so, she did ofcourse sacrifice her interests for his will! But never for once did she give up on her love or trust in Krishna. True Love is such too! Easier said than done! Our ego always prevents us from completely trusting any person, let alone sacrificing one’s self for them! How then can we truly love God?!! It is only through the path shown by Radha’s love that we can realize this too! No matter what God gives us, or treats us like – true faith, true devotion and love never questions it. It trusts, because it is cognizant of Him.)


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    • samanvitha on August 1, 2008 at 7:35 PM
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    I’d like to think of radha, meera, akka…as normal women who loved extremely.
    for meera and akka.. may be Krishna and Shiva were just normal guys with flesh and blood who drifted away..
    their eccentric nature was just a manifestation of their way of handling the rejection or of that overwhelming, overbearing unrequited love…

    • samanvitha on August 1, 2008 at 7:38 PM
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    btw..last paragraph of this piece is why you feature on the list of my favorite writers:)

    • Praveen on September 20, 2008 at 3:56 AM
    • Reply

    @Samanvitha: Indeed that is a very different and a very interesting view to hold… I wish I can write a poem borrowing this idea of yours!! Maybe that’ll put me back on track 🙂

    Am glad am still able to write in a way so as to stick on to your list! 😉

    • Manojkumble on February 3, 2009 at 4:22 PM
    • Reply

    Wonderful post. just wanted to hear the song “lokada Kannige”. recommended by few. Can you share the song ? i can be reached at MANOJKUMBLE at GMAIL.COM. it will be a great help from your end. i need the MP3 format or a source from where i can download. Thanks in advance
    Manoj Kumar

    • Sripadh on November 15, 2012 at 4:13 PM
    • Reply

    Its an amazing composition by HS venkatesh murthy. The lyrics are so strong and i couldnot stop hearing once. I heard this song from pallavi in youtube and also from archana udupa on television. I get goosebumps hearing the song.
    Its very well explained in your post too. Thanks….

  1. @Sripadh: Welcome to my space. Indeed… it’s one of my favorite compositions by Prof. HSV. 🙂 A gem of a creation.

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