Surviving the Wild…

Errr… ahem! (Cautiously tip-toes.. looking around… hoping for some readers lurking in the corners. Not finding any.. there is a sense of strange relief and and also disappointment!) Now before you jump into the conclusion that am a refined version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, lemme assure that my polarity of emotions is just normal and am surprised you guys are not yet used to it. Ok.. so where was I?! Ahh! Now I remember!
Had been watchin’ Animal Planet. They had a show about 2 cheetahs bred in captivity (their mother having been killed by a lion), which were let out in the wild to survive. It was a very moving documentary that vividly showed the bonding between the two sibling cheetahs and the human being in charge of taking care of them. The documentary captured the moments of their life very impressively – especially the ones where one of the 2 cheetahs helps its brother to overcome the fear of water, the way they learn to hunt for their food, their first kill, and so on. It was the ending that came as a surprise still – one of the two gets killed in the night by a lion. Needless to mention the other cheetah is in immense pain and terror over the loss of its sibling, and the caretaker was already in tears. What really got me thinking was what he said towards the end of the documentary. To summarize his quote, he confesses that maybe it would have been better for the life of these two animals to have just bred them in captivity for their entire life. They would have been safe and sound. But it would have stolen from them the very nature of their being, the wildness and freedom which makes cheetahs mesmerizing creatures. When I turned off the TV, the mind that was struggling hard to get myself to write something, suddenly felt at ease.
My mind is being torn apart. I have decided to come back to India, and now a lot of people are continuously calling me and convincing me (even to the point of fighting with me over it) against it. Their argument being that I don’t know what would happen out there! The uncertainity of finding a job; and even if I did – whether or not it would pay me well; and even if it did – whether or not I would enjoy the work environment, so on and so forth. The recent turn of events have rather clogged my mind and drained all the ability to think clearly. How does one clear the mind under such circumstances? I am contemplating withdrawal from the civilization! Hehehehe.. now that I know is far fetched. For one, my nature itself doesn’t permit me to do it. The moment of solitude that I gather here and there, are spent in silence… as they seem so precious that I do not feel like spoiling it with such dreary thoughts. Frankly speaking it is the uncertainity that is the root cause behind all this. Why is man’s life so uncertain afterall? Is it so that he has a purpose to live? What would the cheetah have done if it had known that it would die if it were let out in the wild? Would it choose to live albeit in captivity and forego its nature? Or would it still choose to taste its freedom, however short lived it may have been?
What shall I choose, that would keep me dignified in my own eyes? It is my homeland that I am returning to. The wild was the homeland of the cheetah too. It also proved to be its death ground. What is in store for me? I wonder…


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    • Anonymous on August 20, 2006 at 6:44 PM
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    The Cheetah siblings never knew the real nature of the wild, since they were brought up completely in the captivity with love and care, they should have been allowed to stay in captivity… without considering them to be a burden to be freed away, and coming to the point u know the indian nature and industry, also u are prepared for the lions of situation, your case is opposite to that of the cheetah which neither knew the wild or was prepared to face it(the lion) u are mastered in every aspect of survival, its like returning from a years of practice in Marshal arts land to the land where ur skills are tested and utilized , the only way now to clear the mind is to have trust on the one who created us helped us ..nutouring us in every aspect of life … the Invisible, the Lord

    (with arms wide open) Welcome to India

    • V N on August 22, 2006 at 12:29 PM
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    U r coming backkkkkkk!!:)

    Which is great news! I wouldnt have a clue as to advise u for or against it, but all I would say is to follow what ur mind tells u. For it turns out that the mind is right much more than often than we think it is! 🙂

    Glad to have u back!!

    • Kishan on August 31, 2006 at 7:26 AM
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    Great Comment… You are not a Cheetah! its a wrong metaphor…

    What Mr.Anonymous did was give you a new metaphor for wht you are. yes! You are a Marshal Arts Expert Coming From training to your Land to utilize them….

    I can’t agree more with him…

    Forget Cheetah! Forget Wilds,,,, Come back…I am so happy that you are coming back… You have a lot of frineds and all of us will definetely be there with you to see you get the best Job with a Good pay and hopefully some satisfaction….

    [Friends Title Song]
    It looks like you are always struck in second gear…
    when it hasn’t been your day, month , or even your year…

    I’ll be there for you….
    [/Friends Title Song]

    • Abani on September 2, 2006 at 6:10 AM
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    I recall asking these exact questions to myself from time to time “Why is man’s life so uncertain afterall? Is it so that he has a purpose to live? ” (I would prefer that the stmt be applied to humans in general 🙂 )

    And it’s interesting that these questions come up during the tough phases of life, isn’t it? My two cents here, perseverance is a pretty good shadow to have during such phases, regardless of where you are parked in this world.

    Life wouldn’t be much fun, if we knew exactly what would happen in the future now would it? 🙂

    • Praveen on September 4, 2006 at 2:29 PM
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    @Anon:- Hey thanks for your views! Your comparison made me feel a lot better! So thanks! 🙂

    @Velu:- Thanks for your most hearty welcome! Am eager to meet you in person when am there!

    @Kishan:- Thanks kano Bud! nangU tumbaa annistide vaapas barbEku anta.. guess its going to be another exciting adventure now. (BTW. Anon is a girl ;)]

    @Abani:- I couldn’t agree with you more. It is the testing times that always bring out the best or the worst in us! Maybe thatz why we ask ourselves these kind of questions. Indeed knowing everything would make the life boring, not knowing makes it exciting and sometimes excruciating depending on the experience.. isn’t it? I for one, am certainly a lot more settled down than I was when I wrote this blog item. 🙂 BTW. Your 2 cents is actually priceless.. 😉

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