Because, I cannot love but one!

The hill tops must have snow covered all over ’em isn’t it? I am sure you are feeling the stinging sensation of the cold wind, as it hastens to touch your bare skin, and wither it. Do not mind the cold, darling. It is just jealous of the warmth your rosy cheeks are sporting! How could it ever know that your sweet thoughts of me, shall enfold you in warmth, making you oblivious for its onslaught!

I can see you running freely in the lush green meadows as the air playfully teases your locks, lifting them up in its arms, as if smoothing out your hair! Did you feel my touch in it? I had asked the breeze to bring me the wafting aroma of your hair. It smells fresh of the flowers that you had worn that morning. Even as I savor its elegant smell, the breeze magically transports me to your arms.
I can see the plesant shock and happiness in your eyes – of finding me in your lap. It’s a gentle dream, you seem to think, and I see you closing your eyes gently. As the lashes close in, locking the image of me on ur lap, my soft kiss on your eyes seems to tell you that its real! So real, that it seems to be a perfect dream. Keeping your eyes closed, you hold me tightly, cradling me in your arms. I can feel your breathe on my neck, as I softly tighten my embrace around you. Time comes to a stand still. I think its afraid lest its movement may disturb our tranquility. Or is it that its stunned at our love? Wondering, if it is indeed so real! I don’t seem to care. Me being with you is as real and at the same time as dreamy.
You rest your head on my shoulders, and together we look at the distant hills, full of greenery, a spot of snow on their tops. What’s the meaning of that soft, playful smile you threw at me, as I looked into your eyes? Every look of yours seems to tell me so many things! Wonder who gave them such an elaborate vocabulary! As my lips choose to respond to your eyes, I close my eyes.
When I open them, am still in my apartment, and I know you maybe out there among the lush green hills. Hey! But I was there too! Right next to you… and I have a picture in my eyes to prove it and a soft wetness on my lips! The picture in my eyes are the ones of your feet and hands adorned! The time has again stood still dear.

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