Lost in Asha!

Long time since I wrote anything in here. Well, let’s just say that the trend may continue for a few more days! But not withstanding that, it took Asha Bhonsle’s soulful voice to bring me back to the keyboard to key in about 2 songs in particular, that have been looping in my player for a while since! Both the songs are from the movie – Ijaazat. A movie that created waves in the film industry for all the right reasons! A 5 Star performance by Rekha, Naseeruddin Shah! Heart stirring music by RD Burman, the magic of Asha inter woven with the deft handling of direction and lyrics by Gulzar Saab.
Panchamda’s music paints a wonderland, replete with lush greenery, the skies resplendant with bright colors of the day and the twilight alike! The two songs am talking in particular are “Chhoti is kahani se” & “Khaali haath shaam aayi hai”. The lyrics are as follows:

1. Chhoti Si Kahaani Se

chhoti si kahaani se baarishon ke paani se

saare vaaden bhar gayi
naa jaane kyon dil bhar gaya
naa jaane kyon aankh bhar gayi

shaakhon pe patte the patton be boondein thi
boondon mein paani tha paani mein aansu the

dil mein gile bhi the pehle mile bhi the
milke ke paraaye the do hum saaye the

ruk ti hain kam ti hain kabhie barasti hain
baadal pe paon rakkhe baarish machalte hain

2. Khaali haath Shaam aayi hai

khaali haath shaam aayee hai khaalee haath jaayegi

aaj bhee naa aayaa koi, khaalee laut jaayegi

aaj bhi na aaye aansoo, aaj bhi naa bheege naina

aaj bhi ye koree raina, koree laut jaayegi

raat kee siyaahee koi, aaye to mitaye naa

aaj naa mitaayee to ye, kal bhi laut aayegee
I guess am gonna go back to it for quite sometime now! Peace! Ciao!

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