Reinventing Wheels :’Julie’

Statutory Warning:- If you do not like me sounding archaic in my preferences, STOP READING this post rite now!
Be in any Indian Film Music, I have never felt comfortable redoing the tunes of one, into another! Bollywood is notoriously famous for lifting its tunes from every nook and corner of the world, and the trend does trickle down and Kannada Film Industry (Sandalwood), is no exception for that. So whatz my issue on it? Well just that, it is not necessary!! Ever since past few years, there is growing instance in KFM (Kannada film Music) to lift the tunes off of other language movies. I feel remaking a movie does not necessitate the inclusion of the same tunes as in the original! For one, it leads one to compare the two, and obviously as is in most cases, get disappointed with the newer version. 2006 has seen the release of the movie Julie – a remake of the classic hindi movie “Julie” – that won for actress Lakshmi her first Filmfare award! This movie stars the current hottie Ramya cast opposite Dino Morea (for crying out loud!!!!). The songs not surprisingly are entirely rip offs of the hindi version.
1. Nanna ninna preetiyalli :
Singer:- Kunal Ganjawala, Lyrics:- K Kalyan, Music Director:- Rajesh Ramnath
“dil kya kare jab kisise” – Kishore kumar’s oozing sensuousness in this song is something that is stark missing in Kunal’s voice. The thing about writing reviews for such is that I fear that I may sound biased! But seriously, Kunal’s voice is that of a young boy who hasn’t matured at all or who is waiting for his voice to break! The sensuality that is supposed to be in a guy wooing a girl is the last thing one can think of listening to this song! The lyrics are good, what with them being K Kalyan’s penmanship but still bear resemblance to the original! As for Rajesh Ramnath’s music, well an orchestra would have produced the music! It’s a copy after all!
2. My Heart is beating :
Singer :- Chaithra, Lyrics :- Hrudayanath, Music Director :- Rajesh Ramnath
Chaithra is refreshing! She is a certain welcome as compared to Preeti Sagar! The lyrics are the same as in the original version, penned by Hrudayanath Chattopadhyay. Her voice is extremely fresh, and provides a new dimension to the song as compared to a bland version in the original.
3. Ee haadu modala haadu:
Singer :- Priyadarshini, Lyrics :- K Kalyan, Music Director :- Rajesh Ramnath
“yeh raatein nayee puraani” by Lata Mangeshkar is immensely more likeable than this song. Lyrics is passable.
4. Dava Dava edeyali :
Singer :- Udit Narayan, Chaitra, Lyrics :- V Nagendra Prasad, Music Director :- Rajesh Ramnath
A rip off of “bhool gaya sab kucch” with the male voice rendered by Udit Narayan is nothing but a crude murder! The sentences seem needlessly stretched in order to introduce a sensuousness that is never present! And why has Udit started to sound nasal like Kumar Sanu! There are instances in the song where is sounds deeply constipated and in terrible pain at the thought of love making! Well less said better about this song!
5. Navaneetha Chora :
Singer :- Priyadarshini, Lyrics :- K C Kiran, Music Director :- Rajesh Ramnath
Another song that is sung very distinctly from the original movie, and one that stands on its own self in a good stead. Singer Priyadarshini sounds fresh, and has a long way to go. Lyrics is well worded.
Well, over all, I’d say the songs could have been a lot more better, and maybe original and not try to follow the scores already set. Hopefully some day its gonna stop or atleast improve their skills in copying!
You can listen to the songs here.


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    • Shashi on March 18, 2006 at 5:13 PM
    • Reply

    Good review Praveen.
    Even I feel songs should be original though a movie could be a remake.
    For example: Aptamitra.

    • anukta on March 20, 2006 at 6:34 AM
    • Reply

    ittIchege yAva kannada song kELidru tune ello kELidhaage annistide.kelavanna cennagi copy mADiddaare, swati muttu hiDistu.I listened to julie,Ganjawala literally sound like gaanja-waala. nidde mAdta hADitaraha ide.

    • Kavitha G on March 24, 2006 at 9:52 PM
    • Reply

    ‘Jogi’ chitra geethe nanige ishta aaythu, nimma anisike ?
    Nice blog 🙂

    • V N on May 18, 2006 at 10:52 AM
    • Reply

    I happened to see a huge hoarding of the film Julie outside one of bangalore’s cine-halls and was almost lured into the theatre, seeing the too-familiar face of Dino. I decided to stay away since I wouldnt be able to make head or tail of what was being said!! 🙁 I didnt know it was a remake, or wud have tried a hand at Kannada cinema!!

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