Off key Tunes….

Feb 1, my idle musings celebrated its first birthday. And then, 8 days later, Feb 9th my musical musings were conceived! And yeah this blog is gonna be a year old now!! Unlike soliloquies, I have not been able to update this blog more frequently! While I already have 73 posts in the former, the latter has hardly 23 to its credit!
Well, what can I say?!! I seem to be good at idle talk, than musical ;). The purpose of this blog has also been to showcase the richness of music – Eastern and Western. For, while I feel that silence is sometimes the best form of conveying the myriad emotions of the human mind, the one to come next is music! Music is the one form of art, that trancends the limits of geography, language, and culture!
On this day of solemn celebration (rather than the outrageous partying happening on the other side.. what with garfield, balloons, et al), I want to treat all my avid readers to a musical treat in the voice of Unnikrishnan. This is a wonderful song composed by Shri Tyagaraja, and sung brilliantly by Unni. The song is Shambho Mahadeva. It is an audio treat that the ardent music lovers must not miss. You can download the song here.
I am looking into including audio files into this blog, that will more effectively contribute to the features of the blog. There are also thoughts of moving the contents and redirect the webpage to my home page. Exactly when all of these will come to effect, is something that I am willing to let the father time decide. In the meanwhile, nevertheless, I shall be singing out praises of wonderful artists, composers, film musics, and albums. So whenever you are bugged by the rigmaroles of the day to day life, and care for some relaxed chit-chat on the musical frontiers of the world, do stop by! Company is much appreciated herein! 🙂


    • anukta on February 22, 2006 at 6:24 AM
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    Happy anniversary SSS. Never mind it’s a bit/bytes late. Pretty good plans in the kitty. I’m waiting for the western music feast.

    • Praveen on February 22, 2006 at 1:06 PM
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    @anukta: Thanks dearie.. by the by did u download the song and listen to it? If u did.. how was it? If u didn’t.. lemme know maybe I can repost it.

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