Sapne suhaane ladak pan ke-1!

I always feel that telephone calls during the night times must be banned! Why?! Well for starters, isn’t the night itself intoxicating? I mean for non-drinkers like me, it is this time that really brings out the hidden secrets of us! And what is the trigger for this? Well.. the phone! And that is how our story begins today!
It was just any other wasted weekend we guyz were having in our apartment! Each of us acting like born fools – teasing the monkey out of each of us! Therein comes a call from a friend and eventually the talk that started with the rigmaroles of work, winds through the policies of Bush administration, and before long, we are talking about our childhood crushes! Now wait a minute! You are asking me what the relation was to all these talks? Heck! Have you ever asked the same question to Karan Johar?! Better still, if Vikram Bhatt could get off with passing Mauritius to be Bombay in Kasoor! I can too! So well, pipe down, and listen to the story; which has thankfully neared its end! So before long, we had both recollected all our crushes, fantasies, and tomfoolery of our erstwhile days! The night is young still, and I thought that I’d rehash with you people too, about my (and your) childhood memories!
Ok! Tape rewind to circa 1984-85. Whatz that? You are watching it in Black n White? Duh! Anyways, it was the class of 1st standard. And I was playing the game of “Mummy-Daddy” with the girl sittin’ next to me. And before I knew, ******* (two flowers touchin’ eachother, two birds – typically doves/parrots coochie cooin’), camera tilt – the girl is blushing, and the guy is shocked! Why? Well, the teacher saw it! And I had to change my place! *deep sighs*.
Lesson learnt:-One doesn’t get babies by kissing girls! (That gave me a good sleep that night!)
Tape fast forwards to circa 1989-90. Ok! Now this one, we will show in eastman color! A group of guyz playing cricket and lagori on the streets in Rajajinagar! All emulating our favorite heroes of Kannada film industry. Yours truly, remembering the style with which Dr. Raj had teased Arathi by hitting her with a stone; promptly threw the ball at a girl walking down our street! Well before long, one could watch a cute little boy, running like his balls were set on fire, down the street – being chased by the girl! *more deep sighs*.
Lesson learnt:-It’s tough to run while managing to hold the falling chaddi in one hand!
Now, now, you can all stop sniggering. Well, atleast am being honest in admitting my crushes. Now is it just a co-incidence that there is just a letter difference between crush and crash? But aren’t they among the best memories of our lives? I still remember the dress that my crush wore in the group dance competition! Me dressed in a pink shirt (EEEEEks!!!) and black pant – with a cute black bow! She in a pink frill frock! Both of us twisting our bodies to “Baar Baar dekho hazaar baar dekho“! I can still vividly remember the first birthday present that I had hand-made for her! Those innocent romantic days filled with promises of never forgetting eachother! Whatz that again? How many similar promises I did? Heck! who remembers! I always thought it was the first time with each one. *cutely batting the eyelashes*
Well, what can one say! Its just beautiful! Is it the age? Is it the sheer innocence of the feelings? (Oh! stop sniggerin! I was indeed innocent). Who cares! What mattered was that each time the heart felt it was in love! Maturity for one, does strip the heart of this innocence! yes! now we know what love is all about! But sometimes.. when the night is intoxicating, and you are just so wasted on the weekends… it is the memories of those puppy loves that bring a smile to the face and a brightness to the dreariness of the dark! Amen to that!

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    • jayashree on February 8, 2006 at 7:46 AM
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    Shoo swheet.Pink dress…Oooolala.

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