It’s only words…

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine, wrote a beautiful mail to me. In which she wrote about words; words that we utter, that we write, that we use to express our deepest feelings and desires. It had me thinking about the importance of words in our day to day lives. Ofcourse they are important. As already said, that is how we express! That is how we have learnt to put across the multitudinous feelings that rage within us. Ever wondered how it would be if we were incapable of expressing with words? So, words have thus, made themselves very important for us. Yet another factor is who utters those words! Isn’t it? Words that we would have heard over and over again, gain a certain importance when they come from a certain group of people. Words that a stranger (a person with whom we may feel no connection whatsoever) may not even reach our ears, but the slightest murmur of discomfort from our closest people is enough to create a storm of feelings in our minds.
What that offsets, determines to a large extent the future of the relationships. Often, harsh words give rise to harsh words. My teacher would remind us often, “People who fly into a rage, always make a bad landing”. Words uttered in anger, dismay, confusion, only leads to more of it. To react to that in the same manner, only worsens the situations. So how is one to have the balance maintained in such a way, that it remains unaltered in the most adverse situations? How is one to give rise to words of love, and comfort when one is being abused? I am yet to learn it. But I am sure that it can be done.
Sure, they are only words, words that were created by us. But words are all we have, to build a better world.

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