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Long long ago I had written a blog on oceans – the ol’ blues of the world! Enormous quantities of water, and yet held within its limits! Varied secrets of the past, all hidden in its depths! The silent witness to the change that has been effective ever since the life was first formed in its wombs. Even more, being a part of that change, of that evolution! Bridging civilizations, and continents! Sometimes collecting a rather heavy toll for this service! The originator for several adventures, fairy tales, myths and legends! The mighty ocean!
One thing that is absolutely astounding about the ocean is its majesticity, and composure! Sure people have taken it for granted! They use it as a burial ground for the crap and s**** they want to discard! Every now and then, they spill oil into the oceans over a war that is only governed by selfish desires and personal hegemonies! And before long, they run to the oceans, feeling sorry for their deeds, trying to make up for their mistakes by cleaning up the mess that would not have been there in the first place, if man for his sense had the ability to control his tempers and desires! What more! they try to utilize the resources of the ocean, thanklessly plundering its vast riches for their personal benefits! Directly feeding their poisonous discards into its calm waters, making them murky, just like their minds – full of anger, suspicion, hatred, and disrespect for fellow humans. Before long, the ocean digests it all, rejuvenates and again holds its arms aloft for the life!
Then again, there comes a time, when in rage, the mighty ocean soars to heights that man cannot fathom, with a strength that dwarfs the technological prowess and power established by man, and in a single gulp destroys everything that it had sustained! Nature is the very repository for the calm. When humans mistake this, and take it for granted, abusing it, and misusing it, they are but digging their own burial grounds. For a day may come, when the earth shall rumble, and the oceans may set out to scale new limits, and then, man quivers!
What is amusing is that man, at that time, sets out to write poems and articles and makes movies, calling upon the nature to recollect what its duty is supposed to be! Deploring its rage! Asking it to forget the loads of abuse mankind has heaped on it! Sometimes, I do wonder, what the ocean would think about mankind! Mankind calls upon a relationship that it failed to respect and honor at the moment of its abuse – one wonders just how much more opportunist can man get to be! Before long, the ocean regains its composure! The cosmic silence again fills its depths, and rumbles onto the surface carried out by the mighty winds!
I admire nature, and its patience.

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    • Kishan on January 23, 2006 at 2:17 AM
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    Enamma Samachaara!
    Sikapatte Busy Agbittiddhe, ninna posts na detail agi odhakke agtha irlilla, ninndhenu, nana blog nu kuda update madakke agirlilla….
    will do it in my own pace!

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