Mélodies actuelles de génération!

When it comes to listing songs, I always have huge problems in terms of categorizing it. Well there are the ones that are sung well, ones that have good lyrics, and then good music. All of these have to do with just the aesthetics of listening. Then there are the visually stimulating songs, with their wonderful picturization, locales and grandeur of settings. What makes a song complete is, as cliched as it may seem, a uniform blend of all these. It has to be appealing to both the auditory and visual perceptions!
It has always been a matter of dispute as to the kind of songs that are churned out during each decades. I still remember a classic controversy stirred by Majrooh Sultanpuri, when he called the work of another lyricist, rubbish and rebuked him for writing meaningless songs! Now this coming from a person who had once written, “C A T cat.. cat maane billi.. R A T rat.. rat maane chooha, are dil he tere panje mein toh kya hua” is surprising! The point I am trying to make is, the older generation has always frowned upon the innovativeness of the younger generation and this cycle has repeated ever since!
In Kannada Film Industry (KFM), the evolution of music has set in with full blast! The much needed change which was initially brought forth by Hamsalekha, has now branched out into several creative music directors and lyricists, willing to experiment and explore new avenues, than traverse in the oft beaten path! Not all their ventures are laudable, but there certainly are some note worthy numbers, from the recent movies, that I would love to list and recommend for my readers.
  1. Elele Tangaaliye sung by Rajesh, Sowmya from the movie Shanti Shanti Shanti – the movie was a terrible flop, but has this wonderful number in it. Also notably, this was the debut movie for Madhavan! He looked so foolish in this movie! Well, no one could have expected him to be the heartthrob of so many now! Oh Well!
  2. Usire Usire Usiraagu sung by Karthik and Bombay Jayashree from the movie Deadly Soma! Of interest is its rather techno-cratic music, which still has tried to remain easy on the ears!
  3. Yaamini Daamini sung by SPB from the movie Musuku. The song is a sheer pleasure to listen to, due to its stimulating lyrics!
  4. Ajanta Ellora sung by Vijay Yesudas from the movie Nenapirali. Another wonderful composition by Hamsalekha. It is a song that is so lively with romance and playfulness, that one can’t help but sway to the melody flowing in every line! Also notice the way in which the lyrics the worded, with tongue twisters, and some lines so visual in their description of the girl – makes my heart fall in love with her! For some though the use of Titanic ship to symbolize his state may seem uncalled for! Well no comments on that one! Another song I’d recommend from this movie would be the title song Nenapirali.
  5. Preeti Eke bhUmi mElide, prItsE anta praaNa tinnO prEmi neenu yaarO, preetige janma nIDida brahma all of these songs from the movie Excuse Me, backed up by a soulful violin rendering, will certainly capture one’s attention! A few songs are well shot, except for the fact that the female lead (once again!!! Somebody ask them to go get a life!!) really overdoes her expressions, which makes it a pain to watch the song, so best thing would be to hear it!
  6. Usiralealeale… yali from the movie O Gulaabiye! written by V Manohar, is yet another interesting song, basically due to this rhythmic use of words and ofcourse the efforts of the singers Mano, and Nandita. Personally I would feel that probably Rajesh or Unnikrishnan for that matter would have done a better job of it. There is another song Manase Mannisu sung by Unnikrishnan and Chaitra that is also worth listening to. Albeit, let me warn you on the oomph and saucyness of the song! Better give it a hearing during the nights 😉
  7. Modamodalu bhuvigiLida maLe haniyu from the movie Yeshwanth rendered by Rajesh and Nanditha is a very lively and a camouflaged poetic number, that has been constantly figuring in my playlists these days!
  8. Kannigu kanneerigu from the movie Autograph Please sung by Rajesh is another soulful number that has everything ranging from the music, to the lyrics and singing blending synchronously and making this a constant on the playlist! Some of the lines in the lyrics are really touchy.. like the one that says “kOgile cheeridarU kivigoMdu iMpide” would have us heaving a deep sigh. I am sure Samanvitha would accept this!
  9. Manasaare Manasaare maataaDe from the movie Green Signal sung by Hariharan.

Well, so here is the choicest of songs from the present genre movies, that I felt were very melodious and did justice in terms of a lot of factors that are important for a song! I am sure that there are lot more that can be listed and would be coming up from time to time. So happy listening folks!


    • anukta on January 11, 2006 at 9:22 AM
    • Reply

    I liked “nenapirali”.Almost all songs in the album. List is promising.

    • Sri on January 15, 2006 at 10:10 PM
    • Reply

    excellent writeup on some of the best present day KFM numbers

    anukta – hope that you will catch up on all these songs, and more best of kfm in 2005, if you can’t get hold of the cds, do check them out online on kannadaaudio (sorry, if this sounded like an ad 🙂 )

    • anukta on January 21, 2006 at 2:17 PM
    • Reply

    Hey Sri, you don’t have to be sorry because I take this as a suggestion :)(good one indeed).

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