Time Wrap – 2005!!

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Ok! Let’s see, I am 4 days and 18 hours late in wishing you all A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! And I know a lot of you guys(and gals) have been visiting this page hoping for an update! (Even if you ain’t, in the spirit of the good ol’ year.. keep nodding your heads). Well, as considerate as I am, of all your feelings, I have taken time to do so, finally!! So now, pipe down, and rest your hearts!…..

*lol* *lol* *lol* woah dudes! Who we kidding heeeeeere!! Its a NEW YEAR!! So raise those champagnes once again, and lets get to partyyyyyyyyy and laugh ourselves out silly thinking of all the stupid things we did last year and how we are gonna repeat them again this year!! Lets hit the floor and dance our hearts out not having a care in the world for the grouchy types who spend their new year, worrying that they now are a year older than they were!! Heck! Am in retrograde motion of my aging!!

Now a lot of my dudes and dudeees(not to let the female species out.. you know) have chronicled their past year, listing their achievements, their happiness, and moments of sorrow, and listed their resolutions for the year coming up! Now that got me to think, what the heck I am doing watching Kareena Kapoor tear my ear drums out with her shrill shreiks in K3G!! And in that moment of supreme revelation, I decided to assume the posture of horizontal alignment on a soft and bonky surface and ponder on my life! But before long, I got up shrieking in horror of having seen Kishan Kumar singing, albeit in a dream! Well that done, I packed my bags and went off wandering in search of a calm place to ponder on my year gone by!

While in the journey I ran into several specimens of the sapien species all in varied moods of celebration! Now lemme warn you all that there are some of these who would rather write a 1000 page books or dreary poems crying over the pathetic existence of human life, glorifying its miseries, of brutal deaths, and depressing life styles, walking their way into the next year, that would make watching Sanjay Kapoor dance in Raja a blissful experience! But thatz about all that they are, and they shall remain so! Now I wudn’t let a divine mistake like Sanjay Kapoor (well in all due regards to him, guyz, lets be fair, hez a manufacturing defect!) or his followers thwart my peace! Having said that, and gotten it out of my system, I did find a blissful place to ponder on the self that I have glorified by calling “I”!!

There I knew, it does not quite matter. Years come and go, time flows by and all that jazz! But the beauty of life, and the celebration of it never ceases one bit! Every moment and every second is new and in each of them offer us the chance to celebrate our existence! Sure we have problems, and concerns, and have the massive swords of time and death hanging over our heads by the strand of these very seconds and moments! But in the spite of all these, is the beauty of the early morning sun, the beauty of a new beginning given to us with it, the smile on the lips that has the power of spreading the happiness throughout the world! And frankly nothing in our lives can be more dreary than watching Sanjay Kapoor, Kishan Kumar and Ajay Devgan dance for an Altaf Raja Song, with a music composed by Bappi Lahiri, wearing designer Govinda dress, ofcourse coupled by a series of female leads – Meghana Naidu, Payal Rohatgi, Mallika Sherwat! Thank God for that!

So, yes, I have lived through 2005, with my smile, spirit and energy intact!

My resolution for 2006? To continue to do so! So herez to life!!!!

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