Jaspal Singh: Geet Gaata Chal

A few posts ago, I had mentioned about several singers, who though did not make it to the big limelight, have contributed some of the ever green songs, that often the mind hums! To this league of sidelined singers, Jaspal Singh’s addition seems a tragedy! The highlight of Jaspal Singh’s voice is the innocence, and wanton abandon combined in an effective manner – there is happiness ebbing from the songs sung by him for instance in “Geet Gaata Chal”, “saanchi kahe tohe aawan se”, “kaun disaa mein leke”, “bade badaai naa kare”, etc. He is equally effective in singing devotional numbers, and is well known for singing the “dohas” of Kabir and also the verses of Tulsidas’ “Ram charita Maanas”.
In a career that faded away just as quickly as his shot to fame, Jaspal Singh, has given some really memorable numbers. Most of the songs were given to the kid actor of the block, Sachin. The movies though, not among the main stream, had a laid back magic to them; kinda like those small novels one reads on a travel, though not memorable, they make a good read! There are days when no song has kept me as entertained as his “geet gaata chal O raahi gun gunaata chal”. The song is happiness itself worded down as lyrics; and Jaspal Singh does a justice to it, that I cannot imagine anyone else doing.
Today as I happen to listen to sing to the same song again, the gloom has lifted off, and the heart is light again, in the sound of music.

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