A ha(e)irless throne!

I have come to a foregone conclusion that there is no point in worrying about something that is for-gone! Its an eventuality that one knows will happen! So why bother about it! Not to mention that bothering only brings it closer to becoming true! Wonderin’ what I am yappin’ about at this time? Well.. its about follicle regression in the upper cranium area of an otherwise lucrative region of my body!!! Well if am balding.. then hell.. I am gonna be sophisticated about that!!
For one thing.. I did have my moments of glory with my hair! Well you can believe or faint but if you were to look at my pic as a 6 yr old wearing a safari suit and a golden chain, you would see the prominent crown of tufts atop my head! Then the time passed… and so did the hairs!! And yeah..there were days when I used to harp on and sing about the lost treasure… E mere pyaare badan.. E mere ujde chaman.. tujhpe tel kurbaan!
My mom tried every known methods and options only to tear her hair in despair! The contrast being that her hair stuck to the roots..and mine were more than glad to take their place!! My friends did their share in contributing to this excessive recession that I was going into.. what with their piling their problems on the vacant sites that were now open! You know.. now that I think of it.. it is just that! There is something about this baldness that actually sends a signal out to people… “hey all u cry babies.. herez a sucker for ur stories! So come and weep ur hearts out on his shoulders.. (or probably his head! as if it wasn’t enough that water washed it everyday!). Some said it was the genes, (darn these damn genes… they never get ’em right! Am sure they mixed things up and started sheddin’ my hair.. instead of something ‘else’-which I leave it to the overactive imagination of my readers to figure out.. or if u can’t, u are gladly welcome to tear my hairs over it!!!)
Now balding isn’t really such a big problem, if it wasn’t accompanied with its loving friend called “bulging”. Especially in my case, my body seems to make up with what its losing on the top, by gaining all around my girth! This logic, doesn’t seem to quite work out in my favor!
Well all said and done.. the person whoever said that “Baldness establishes the masculinity of a man, but only diminishes his chances of proving it” was so darn right.. I’d shed a hair or two for those words! Oops.. here they go!


    • Chandan on October 21, 2005 at 3:13 AM
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    Dude, Balding is curable and most of the time its due to hormonal imbalance, protien defficiency or dandruff. Some of my friends have got their hair back and I think even u can.

    Well on the second thought if u watch Jason Statham in Transporter U wld love to sport a bald . He looks so sophesticated and cool. And how can we forget Nicholos Cage. Its all about how we carry ourselves. Way to go dude.

    • Praveen on October 22, 2005 at 5:59 PM
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    hehehe dude.. thanx for those words of hope.. but then.. am really cool about it.. infact it ain’t as bad as it cud’ve gotten.. (now now.. dear hairs.. don’t get ideas from this..)

    • jayashree on November 2, 2005 at 5:52 AM
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    Looking at the brighter side of a situation should be learnt from you 😉

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