All (s)well that end (s)well !!!

Wow.. what a roller coaster ride the week has been!! The Ups and Downs, the Highs and Lows, the thunders and calm… yeah.. all that jazz!! What started off with a wonderful news of me being invited as the guest speaker for the Saahitya Ranga’s Saahitya Goshti at California, (not to mention that I have also been asked to read a couple of poems, and the book that has my short story in it is also being released at the same time!!), immediately fizzled out due to some skirmishes, but the near ones remained near and grew even more dearer at the end of all of it. There is something that has to be said about all these small squabbles. They do seem gigantic at the onset, but then, once they are seen in proper perspective, they seem so minute, but yet they make people come close. Once we understand what led to it, and how we can get over it, and realize how much we value the person and the relationship, I guess everything turns swell again!
In fact, isn’t that the very reason, why we quarrel at the first place! It’s because we treasure the person too much, and it is people who matter to us, who can hurt us! We become vulnerable to them. Don’t we?
Well, as the week is drawing to an end, I am happy that trust and faith have won, and the bonds have only grown stronger. There are more of my friends who are going to turn up at the Sahitya Goshti in LA, California, and that only means more fun!!! The way I see it… Life goes on….


    • Kishan on October 18, 2005 at 4:53 AM
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    Hey Praveen,
    Whats up dude? Where r u?
    busy preparing for the India Trip? ha!

    • jayashree on October 19, 2005 at 5:08 AM
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    good to see you relaxed. matte , NY nalli kaavya sudhe hariyutte! ellaaru cappALe maLegareyuttaare. naanIgale adakke om prathama hAkutiddEne… *clap*

    • jayashree on October 19, 2005 at 5:10 AM
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    ooops .. NY alla California…

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