For the Weekends!!!

The weekdays are getting just so packed.. I gotto do a lot of my activities for the weekend.. which means..that my weekend’s packed too!!! *kaN araLisi..miki miki nODing*
Anyways..herez a blue print..
1. Been a long time since I painted I guess I’ll do that.
2. Gotto work on summarizing the verses of “kumaaravyaasa bhaaratha” – into hosagannaDa. Atleast till the point that the Pandavas are born.
3. Long time since I wrote a poem in hindi. So that comes up next!
4. Gotto watch “The exorcism of Emily Rose”.
5. Must get updated with the forum –
6. Gotto catch up on all my friends and reply to those many emails!
All these apart that cartload of books that I need to study!! Boy! am I excited… you bet I am!!

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