Back to Basics!!

A rather long absence from bloggin’ eh? Well am back! (pipe down on all that cheers and ovations… and please take ur seats. Now, prepare for yet another monologue!) The Days are just getting busier… and off late the one thing that has often had my mind preoccupied during the times of siesta is my School Days!! Somehow, everywhere I seem to go, the memories of the school days just keep popping up in various forms… be it a movie I am watching, a song I am listening to (Dreams are nothing but the wish.. been playing for quite sometime now..and Abba too!!!).
Its a cliched term that “School days were fun” and a cliched wish that “I want my school days back”. But what the heck! They are true!! The long walk to school I used to take with my friends discussing (more like chattering) various things, the long stays in front of the gate of our houses, though we knew that our parents were out there calling on to us! Our little squabbles, crushes, my first kiss (when I was in my first standard), my first crush (in 7th Standard), my first love letter (also in 7th standard), *deeeep sighs* *more deep sighs* *a broad 24,000 Watt smile*, the practical jokes I played and in turn became the butt for!! Are there things I’d wanna do over? Ofcourse I do! As they say.. falling in love all over again! The best thing is that I still do have all those friends since my childhood and pre-nursery days! Some are getting married in the coming few days! What is it like to grow up together for years?!!! Sharing our fears, our doubts, our joys and sorrows! I haven’t yet realized it as yet.. but I guess its something like the same feelings I have right now. A sense of tranquility and peace, of confidence and trust, of love – for all those people who stood by me all these days.. and the ones I had stood for!
So thanks for being there.. my buddies! Love ya all!

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