Man-Internet Complex!

I think I was in 1st PUC when my brain conceived this weird idea of Man-Internet Complex. I do not claim it to be my own! I am sure there are many who would probably have developed this very idea or even thought of it. It seemed weird to me because, I felt the occurrance and probability of the idea being true a bit far-fetched. I must admit that to a certain extent, I felt I was going nuts! Anyways, so what is this whole Man-Internet Complex, all about?!
Now before, we go to the main issue, let us briefly try to sketch some basics necessary to understand this concept. We are all aware of life forms! The way we identify a life form is by certain traits – cells, energy, homeostasis, organization, growth, and reproduction. These, we have come to agree signify the inalienable characters of a being.
Now, try to visualize a cosmic creature, the one I would like to call “Man-Internet Complex”. This creature is now slowly coming to form and existence. In the eventuality of this incident, I see that the sole survivor would be this creature, and nothing other forms of life! We humans sitting in front of the computer would be the cells that constitute the body! .We are going to be those minute particles that at the microscopic level strive to keep it functioning and in existence. We are connected to other such “cellular” human beings through various means of connections (very similar to the nervous system of our body) such as internet and wireless.
And what is our function?
Information exchange! there are going to be terrabytes of information being processed and exchanged every second! This information exchange ensures the survival of the complex. In other words, this signifies the most essential means of metabolism. The moment the information transfer breaks down entirely the creature is dead! And thus, homeostasis in this sense would be to ensure the transfer of information relentlessly. Thus, one can imagine what would be the cause of disease for this creature! If for some reason this information exchange stops, then the cells (ie. us) strive to rectify this! why? because our existence depends on the survival of the creature. If the creature dies, then we die along with it!
Each day new cells are being added and the creature just keeps on growing! After a certain maximum growth (when probably everyone in the world is connected..), the creature will just have to ensure its survival. The question that remains is that of reproduction. The way I see it, the creature will probably give rise of different forms of itself, which would eventually merge into its whole being! In other words, it is reviving itself, and that represents its self-reproduction.
One thing that did leave my astounded was that, even as this idea was taking its form in my mind, and I was scribbling thoughts related to it, in my journals and books, here and there, the movie MATRIX was made, almost as if in answer to my questions!
Now, my mind is more dwelling on the evident repercussions of this. What if this indeed happens! what will be its results?!!! Any thoughts?!


    • Sham on September 1, 2005 at 7:37 PM
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    Well.. how do you know it has not happened already? What if we are truly already such cells.. infact there is not much difference between what constitutes our body and what constitutes the world. There are different kinds of cells in our body.. there are different process running through. cells born and die every minute..

    but do the cells know each other? do they know about the human that their overall semblance make? do they have aspirations like we do.. do they fight among themselves etc etc.. they might have all these traits.. but all these processes are not important if you look at this whole collection as one human being. the human being thinks acts right.. the same might be true for our world itself.. or probably the universe as we know it might be just one big organism… wht the vedas call purusha.. this concept is nearer to the philosophy in matrix and what is closer to the hindu advaita philosophy.. because of such living bodies, purusha is the smallest of those particles, he is also the sum of those..

    man, you are thinking really hard! (because I know when I thought about these things I was not in my usual self. I had to take extra doses of something to reach to this level 😉 )

    • Manjesh on September 10, 2005 at 9:04 PM
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    man is not the ultimate species on this planet. evolution continues n no one can deny that.

    hehe… enu sham energy drink mahime irabeku 😉

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